• The sky is white, the wind is blowing, and it is raining. All the kids are in school, and all the adults are at work. Everything is quiet except for the sound of raindrops falling around me. It starts softly - The rain is barely noticeable. The people are not worried. They are too blinded by their false security of the frail buildings. The rain falls more heavily, and the gusts of wind pick up strength. The intensity of the storm picks up slowly at first, but the weather eventually starts to do its damage. I am here, witnessing the storm take its toll on the neighborhood around me. Slowly, like magic, the pebbles raise up. As time goes on, bigger rocks come up from the ground. They soar through car windows and glass doors, eventually shattering them into daggers! The alarms blare as people exit their shelters in fear to observe what is happening. Faster and faster blows the wind! Harder and harder falls the rain! The rain slowly forms into stones of ice, causing more damage to the neighborhood around them. The ice gets harder as the temperature drops! The daggers of glass soar through the air, harming all that is near, but I do not flee like the others. I sit, and wait, and I watch something beautiful take place. Once everyone is gone, the ice gets soft. Yes...It is snowing. The snow slowly covers the damage that has taken place, and my surroundings transform from a place of chaos and ugliness, to a place of calmness and beauty.

    I lay down and rest, not caring about the frigid snow around me. I drift off to sleep, but only for a moment. Hearing footsteps in the distance, I stir in my sleep. I open my eyes and see a lady covered in a snow white cloak that is delicately laced with an ice blue trim. She stares at me with cold blue eyes that cut right through my being, as if ice is shooting through my soul. How could she do what the snow could not? How could she make me feel the cold? Feelings of loneliness? Of hopelessness?...All of these feelings are felt throughout my body as I stare into her eyes, but the coldness slowly melts away as I look in her arms. In her arms is an infant. A beautiful hazel eyed baby boy. She holds her child close as she approaches me. I do not bother getting up. I am not afraid. She walks up to me and stares, as if lost in thought. She realizes that I will do no harm to her child or herself. She reaches out and pats me on my head, reaches into her pocket, and gives me some food. Food...I have almost forgotten how it feels like to have a meal. I quickly eat what was given to me. I stare into her eyes. Her eyes are still the same color, but there’s something different about them. They are more calm now. Her soothing turquoise eyes reflect her calm and caring nature. I now feel warmth within my soul. She pats me on my head again and walks away. I try to thank her, only to realize that I do not know how to speak. I sit and stare as she goes off into the distance.

    I look around, and realize that the snow is slowly melting away. The people are still gone, and the damage starts to become visible once again. The clouds break. The sun shines. Summer is in the air once more. I find a corner and drift off to sleep, dreaming of the frigid snow, a lady cloaked in white, and a hazel eyed baby boy.