• Once upon a time, there were four little kids. One was jokester named Nicole rofl . One was a prankster. Named Natalie. And one was a trouble-maker. Named Aimee (Amy) . And one Was very Quiet and her name was Lindsay. They All went to dinner All alone while there moms' were at the Coffe Shop. They ordered A big meal The waiter like, "Are you sure you girls want to order a big meal? You know you better finish it." The girls hesitated when there answered. Nicole said, " umm... yah ... ... We will. The waiter left. They waited 15 minutes for there food. Natalie snuck a Woopie Cousoin under Lindsay butt. When she sat down. It made a farting noise. Lindsay blushed her cheeks. The waiter interupted and put down all that food. The waiter left slowly and quietly. 20 mnutes later, the waiter came back. She knew the girls were full and they weren't going eat another tiny bite. The waiter said in a scartchy voice, " you didn't finish ur food?!" Aimee said, "No because Natalie was full and then we all got full." The Reminded ther girls that she said you better finish it. The girls said Sorry. The waiter got furious. She took off The Ugly human mutated mask and threw it on the ground. It made a loud noise. the waiter looked hitious. They couldn't explain ITS face. The thing groweled and made more loud ear drumming poping noises. She looked at them one by one. She said, "Should i murder you or should i eat you whole !!! ???" The girls were shivering as they saw a cheetah catching them its pray. Nicole Tried ditracting that ugly thing. Then she slipped on those caution wet floor signs. The monster cam right up to her and said, " i think i might just murder you. "
    She takes a kitchen knife and points right at her heart and stabs just like that. nicole had blood every flooding. natalie was next. I think natalie should get gobbled she grabs natalie feet. natalie takes the kitchen bloody knife and cuts off the monsters hands. she runs outside along with Aimee. Lindsay kept staring at Nicole. She was crying. All the sudden, The moster got back up. Lindsay didn't notice. The monster stabs lindsay with her feet multiple times. Aimee and Natalie and runs into the coffe Shop Ther moms' were still talking untill they spotted them. They explained the whole story. But they believe them the nasty bloody monster came in. It came Right to them. Natalie said, " its time for me to die so did Aimee. They got stab to death. They never knew What happend to the moms. It will stay mistery of the Fiction storys.

    The END