• steve trudged through the desert, sweat was dripping from his body and he looked like he had just got out of a swimming pool. it was hot, real, hot, he dident even know why he was here...actchaly...why was he here? why had he decided to do this... he had herd many stories about the cave, many people had goe in and never reterned, but he had promised his son that he would.

    "now." he had said, kneeling down to his sons - ash - height and ruffeling his hair "i have to go away for a while, in the mean time, your lovly grandad is going to look after you, wont that be fun." ash smiled slightly.
    "when are you coming back?" he said, almost in a whiny voice that most toddlers have. his father paused, and stared at him fo some time, considering the answer. "soon..." he said slowly "very soon..." he straightened up and turned to his father and huged him tighly, his father patted him on that back then held him at arms length "be carful...son." steve smiled shakily then walked to the door, he had no suitcase with him, he had been told that he would not need it. his fether picke dup ash and talked to him soflty, thn they both waved steve off. steve reluctantly took the door handle and walked out to a waiting cab.

    steve looked around himsefl and squinted, it all looked the same! even if he had clambered up onto the bigest sandune, there was always one bigger, way was it all the same and...were the hell was he?! he had had not idea were he was anymore, just as well, he had been told that he would only find the cave if he was lost...he should find it soon then. he walked for what seemed like a couple more miles but wht virtually would been a couple of steps, then collpsed onto the hot sand, his breth ragged, there was no point, he had pressed his limit, he had gone far enough! and just as he was thinking about laying there, the sun beating down on him untill he finaly died...he saw somethign black emerge in the distance. steve sat up and squinted, the sun half blocking his view. the cave. now that sertainly wasent there befor... it only appears to thoes who are on the brink of deth, to thoes who have gone far enough...to thoes who are doomed... steve got to his feet, the rubbed on his shoes had been well worn away so how his bare feet tuched the steeming hot floor. he slowly made his way over to the big black cavern, it was silly, how could there be a cave in the middle of the desert with no rock for it to be made out of? it was simply like a big rocky tunnel. he reached the edge and looked inside, it was dark, and it seemed to strech back for miles.
    steve entered the tunnel, it was cool, the cave prooviding shade...luciouse shade, it was a relife after that intense heat. and yet...it was silent... and odd silence.


    steve herd a thump from behinde him, his hairs pricked on his arms, he was about to turn then caught himself and focused hsi eyes straight forward. dont look round, dont look round! he repeated to himself, that was the one thing he had been warned not to do, to not look around, that was the fate that all men paid, that all hmans paid, they were all to inquisitive, wanted to know evrething. steve kept one hand on the wall to brace himself and he carried on. dont turn round...whatever happens, dont turn rou-


    this time is was louder and steve froze, it was getting closer, what ever it was, was close...to close. he clenched his teeth and fists. "no." he muttered to himself, shaking his head defiantly "no!" he carried on walking, this was to scary, hell, to...unnerving.


    steve almost jumped this time, all this hair stood on end because what ever it was, was breathing down his neck...it was a putrid smell...like carcasses and...something els...something not human. there was no way in hell he wanted to get killed, what ever this was... the breath suddenly went and whatever it was, seemed to take a step back, it wouldn't be...so bad just to...take a look? it seemed to be retracting so maybe he could just have a glance at it...maybe just.... steve spun round and almost he screamed in in sorrow, for nothing could prepare him for what he saw next, he was a fool, A BLOODY FOOL! standing there, breathing deeply, a demon, brown and grotesque. it was bent over to its long arms trailed along the dusty floor, its massive claws raking the ground. in one of these hands, amongst the claws, was something steve would never of imagined, he couldn't, it was to ghastly for thought. steve sank to his knees, a veil of tears covers his eyes "NO!" he screamed "NO!!!" such sorrow could never match anything, for in the claws of the demon...was the severed head...of ash...steves loving son, his 6 year old child. the demon threw the severed head to the floor-


    it looked u at steve, its many teeth glinting in the now moonlight. maby if steve hadent turned around, his child would still be alive, still...have a head. for, as long as he was in the cave he would of had to keep a firm stare ahed and not look back...whatever noise drifted to him. maby if he hadent looked back and just kept going round and out of the cave...his preciouse boy would still be alive. the demon gave a shreik and let the head fall to the floor one more-


    -and roll away, then it spread its long claw tipped hands and pounced onto steve who gave a cry of supprize then started screaming as the demon started to slowly rip him apart, rapidly ripping into Steves skin then his claws dived into Steves stomach, there was a sick ripping sound and the demons claws came back out, organs squered onto them, steve groaned as he saw his own organs being ripped out. now that his childs life had been taken, he diden't care what happened to him now. the demon raised its claws once more, gave one loud shriek and steves eyes snapped up as the claws rammed into his heart. then evrething went black, and he let himself fall into the darkness...of death.