• Cameron's || Journey
    Chapter oo2

    She was in the third class of the day; History. It was nothing of interest, and Cameron showed it. She had already fallen asleep twice, only for a moment though. As well as how she had begun counting the ceiling tiles, but quickly was bored of how repetitive it was. Something hit the back of her head, and landed perfectly on her backpack which was hung on her seat. Without drawing attention to herself, she slipped her hand around the back of the seat and grabbed the note. Face still toward the teacher, she lowered her eyes to her lap, where she was slowly and quietly unfolding the paper.

    Hey, look CAREFULLY to your left. Someone is looking at you.

    (And if your too stupid to know who me is, its Minnie)

    Cameron had done this many times. She looked out of the corner of her eye to the left, hopes high. To her delight, it was Nick! He was staring at her. Cameron became very uncomfortable, but was excited. This was truly her dream come true. He hand paper in his hand, and motioned that he was going to toss it to her. She nodded, and caught the paper. Cameron waited at first to open the note. What could it say? She didn’t want herself to get too carried away though. Exhaling deeply, she without caution opened the note. The teacher didn’t notice.

    Hey, I’ve seen you around a lot.

    You have marker on your face.


    Setting the note back down, she shut her eyes. Wow . . She thought. Not even bothering with the marker on her face, she smiled at Nick again before going back to her tile counting. “Class dismissed.” The female instructor spoke clear and loud. It was really the only thing everyone heard that entire day. Teachers knew quite well there was no way anyone was going to pay attention on the last day, and their only goal was keeping them under control.

    On her way out, the teacher called Cameron over. “Cameron, you have marker on your face.” Cameron froze for a moment, frustrated, but calmed herself to reply. “Yes, thank you miss Viles.” She walked out, and stood next to the door, ready to grab Minay by the neck and strangle her. She didn’t have the wait long. “Minnie, why did you even tell me he was looking at me?” Cameron jogged a little to keep up with her friends fast pace, and to not be ran over by the full hallways. “Why, what did he say?” Minay quickly had the piece of paper shoved at her. “Oh my God. Cameron this is great! This means, he was interested enough to tell you. Hey Caleb!” The red head ran over to their black haired friend and gave him a hug. From what Cameron could see, she was telling him all about Nick.

    “What do you mean?” Nick asked, looking at Cameron, who looked slightly dumbfounded. He smiled quickly before returning his attention to Minnie, who was speaking again. “Ca, if your gonna do something about Cameron, you better do it fast. This Nick guy is. . I don’t know.” She stuck her elbow out to nudge him, but he was too far away. “Shut up Minnie. She’ll figure it out if your too loud.” He fixed his glasses and left to see Cameron, but Minay mindlessly called after him, “She didn’t figure it out on the bus!”

    The three of them walked to lunch together, arms linked. They sat at what many people called the “Loser Table”, but they didn’t mind. It was away from Cheer-Mania and Jock-City. Caleb suddenly lowered his head into a book. “What are you doing Caleb?” Cameron tried raising the book, but he slammed it back down, covering his face. “Caleb!”

    “Shh!” He slapped the table. “Their going to see me. I’d rather live through the last day of school.” Minay and Cameron raised their heads to look around, and spotted it. Well, them. Judah and Tyler. They weren’t what anyone would call friendly. At all. They spotted the trio without difficulty and walked up. “Well, if it isn’t Caleb Hitch. Did you think you were going to get away the last day of school without something happening?” Judah tilted his head to the side. His piercing brown eyes almost shone black; they almost dared you to refuse his wishes. Tyler was silent, but eyed Minay deviously. She picked up on his gaze instantaneously, and her look challenged him to make a move. Yes, Minnie was quite the fighter, and had gotten in one or two.

    Tyler smiled and reached across the table, grabbing Caleb’s shirt. He drug him across the table. Both the girls knew that Caleb could beat the two, but he hated fighting. He would rather get beaten. “Don’t you two have something better to do than bother us? Seriously, what are you going to get out of this?” Cameron stood up and stood close to Judah. She hardly came up to his chest. “Get out of my way emo trash.” He shoved her back onto the bench hard. “Hey!” Caleb and Minnie both yelled almost at the same time. Caleb gave a small struggle to break free, but saw that Cameron was ok. She looked furious. Minnie was around the table in no time and pulled Caleb free from Tyler’s grip. It was obvious Tyler let go, her strength against his was no match. Cameron’s long time friend marched up to Judah; she was even shorter than Cameron. “What the hell is your problem? Judah when are you just going to grow up?” The bully didn’t blink once. But he did look around to make sure no one was watching. What was it with people? Not even one person paid attention. Judah didn’t touch Minay, but eerily gave a reply, “I do what I want, when I want to. I get what I want, when I want it. Do you think some little ray of sunshine is going to blind my path?” He smirked, and motioned to Tyler they were leaving. He warned them he would be back, then left. They waited until they were out of sight before going to Caleb to make sure he was ok. He seemed more embarrassed than hurt.

    “Caleb are you ok?” Cameron tucked her hair behind her ear, and held his hand to help him up, “Guys, you shouldn’t have done that. I can handle it.”

    “Obviously not. Man, you shouldn’t still be picked on, we’re going to be seniors.” Minay play stomped one of her feet and brushed her hands off on her dress. “I don’t know, but I really hate those guys. I‘ll throw a party the first day of school next year, they graduate this year.” Cameron said with great intensity. “I don’t think Tyler does. He’s in 11th grade, like us.” Minnie shrugged and sat back down to eat her lunch. “Are you serious? I have to deal with him next year to?” Caleb hung his head back and sighed. “Tyler is more of a follower though, I don’t think he’ll really bother us that much.” Cameron pointed out while dipping a carrot stick in what looked like watery ranch dressing.


    The warning bell rang, and people began getting up from their seats. They stayed though, waiting for the class bell as they always did. Cameron smiled, “We have the next class together, so there will be no worries of separation.” Minay cut in, “I’m not in the next class! I take photography, not painting, remember?” They had no time to argue though, the bell rang yet again. Cameron and Caleb walked in one direction, Minay in the other.

    Classes seemed to go by like molasses. The sun seemed to shine so vibrantly that day in June. Everyone squirmed in their seats, ready for the summer to arrive and kiss them in the face with trips to the beach and Disney Land. It was California, after all. The final bell rang and people were out of their seats before the bell stopped singing that beautiful song of release. The three friends walked to the front of the school. Elaine was waiting in her old volts wagon, just as she always did on the last day of school. “Hi Honey!” Elaine. Her curly, fiery red hair. Cameron had gotten her green eyes from her mother, but Elaine’s were brighter than any green. The mother always looked young, and for a red head had fairly tan skin. Probably five foot two, she had to raise the seat of the car as far as it would go. “Hi mom! I’ll see you guys tonight at my house?” Her two friends looked at each other, then back at Cameron. “What’s going on tonight?” Cameron called behind her as she ran to the car. “it’s a surprise!”