• Thats what happens when u push me to the limit

    This kid Ben was going to a new school glad to meet new people that would accept him.He was going to 8th grade a new school.It was called the stoklosa middle school.He thought maybe he will find people like him.When he entered the school all he saw was kids acting gangster,valley girls,retards,jokers,punks,jocks,nerds,greasers,preppies,but no Goths or Emos.The first day was bad every one starred at him the whole day even the teacher was surprised.Ben was very smart though but mostly quiet as he sat in the way back with the punks,greasers,gangsters,and jocks.He had a normal routine day like his old school.he had a brother and 2 sisters no one understood him even his own family.His family asked too many questions.the next day in school was the worst punks were starring at him,jock acting tough,greasers gelling the hair,but worst was the gangsters they were threatening him and swearing. they had weird names b skillet,biggy,saint,stuff like that.he didn't care until the next week they jumped him and the punks,jocks,and greasers helped the gangsters too.everyone laughed at him so he got so mad he said "they are all going to pay you watch".Everyone just laughed even the teachers he was angry now.Ben said I'm going to kill them in this order gangster,valley girls,retards,jokers,punks,jocks,nerds,greasers,preppies.so he liked killing the gangsters first he made up a fake gang and told them they would be in this abandoned factory.When they got there a cage fell on top of them and captured them.Ben said"like the grill its going to come off".F U the gangsters said acting tough.so Ben broke all there teeth including grills and replaced them with glass shards then he set them free in a maze.that he knew how to get out of.he hunted all of them down and when the were all killed he put the body's in the principals room with a note saying watch out valley girls I have a game we can play hahahaha. twisted the principal didn't think it was Ben because he didnt think ben was capable of doing something like that so he told everyone to watch out.The news people came the next day.This is the end of part 1.

    I will make part 2 soon.Give this a 5 if you want to see what happens next and comment it.if you want me to make a story with you in it then okay just give me a topic.send me a message if you want a story with you in it.I'm Rockerben360.I put myself in all my stories.thanks for reading.