• Miyuki’s eyes widened considerably. She unconsciously clutched the hilt of her sword, a growl escaping her throat.

    “Why the hell would a demon be attacking the town!” Yohiro squeaked. Miyuki swore and ran down the hill towards the demon. The blade of her sword glinted in the setting sun.

    “I don’t know.” She called over her shoulder. “But we’d better get down there!” Yohiro darted after her until he was beside her. “You do crowd control. You won’t be of any help.” Yohiro didn’t say anything to acknowledge he heard her. Miyuki felt a flash of annoyance for her sensei before focusing on the demon.

    Civilians were streaming out of the town border screaming and panicking. Yohiro dropped behind Miyuki to deal with them while Miyuki ran straight for the demon. The demon saw her at the same time Miyuki lunged for it. It swung a massive claw sideways and backhanded her into a building, cracking the brick.

    Kneeling on the ground, Miyuki examined the demon. It was easily about fifty feet tall, without the three horns protruding from it’s broad head. Nine inch claws extended from large meaty hands that seemed far too big for the muscular arms waving them. Red, deadly eyes glared at her from beneath a slanted forehead.

    Miyuki was pulled from her observation by someone stepping next to her and pulling her up. “You okay?” A male voice said. In answer, Miyuki shoved whoever it was to the floor and dodged the demon’s claw again, managing this time to land on it’s arm. She dug her kitana into it’s arm, hanging on while the demon shook it’s arm about, trying to dislodge her. Miyuki dragged her kitana up it’s arm, giving it a large slice.

    The demon howled in pain. Miyuki pulled her kitana out of the demon’s arm and jumped to the ground, barely dodging it’s teeth. A flash of black in mid-air was all she saw of her helper before the demon’s clawed hand smacked into her, throwing her into a fountain. Her kitana slid away.

    Miyuki rose from the fountain, shivering. “God sky high? it, I hate water!” She growled, shaking excess water from her hair. She glared at the demon, fire rushing through her veins. She ran at it, leaving her kitana forgotten.

    The demon snarled at her again, raising it’s claws once more to strike her. Miyuki back flipped out of the way and growled. “This is going no where fast.” She felt someone step next to her.

    “Push him out of town.” The same male voice said. “There’s an ambush of slayers waiting for him.”

    “Which way?” Miyuki asked, eyes not leaving the demon.

    “West.” The presence faded and Miyuki nodded to herself.

    “West it is. She mumbled to herself. The demon roared and spat at Miyuki. She cart wheeled out of the way and heard the saliva sizzle. She growled. “Acid spit. Wonderful” She suddenly smirked. “This is going to be fun.”

    The demon lashed his scaly tail from side to side, his eyes following her. She dashed to her kitana quickly, picking it up without stopping. The demon’s tail smashed in front of her, shattering the ground. Miyuki raised an arm to block the rocks and gravel from her face. She flipped onto the demon’s tail and slashed at it, leaving it with a nice red welt.

    The demon hissed, his claws skimming her back just enough to tear off the back of her shirt to show the scar on her band and cutting her hair.

    Miyuki growled. The demon that injured Yohiro gave her that scar. It burned with memories. The scar ran from the her right shoulder blade to the middle of her back, then abruptly turns to slide up her left shoulder. A thin wispy scar rose from the conjunction, like smoke.

    The demon’s tail suddenly slammed into her, effectively pulled her mind back to the fight. She held tight to her kitana this time. Growling, she picked herself up out of the debris and charged at the demon.

    The demon’s claws rushed down on her, but she dashed away at the last second, wind whistling past her ears. She danced out of the way, just out of reach of the demon’s claws and tail. The demon ran to her, snarling in rage and hostility. She smirked at it, enraging the demon further. She kept dancing just out of attack range.

    The west border came into view. Miyuki didn’t see anyone there, and suddenly doubt flashed into her mind. She had no clue who the man who spoke to her was. For all she knew, she was heading right into a trap. She stared at it for a moment before shaking her head. “I’ll just have to deal with not knowing.” She murmured to herself. The demon’s tail slammed into her again. She sailed through the air, landing on the edge of town. The demon charged her. Miyuki stayed on her knees, her kitana drawn in front of her. ‘closer, closer!’ A cloud in the sky moved and Miyuki shifted her kitana so the sunlight reflected off the blade and into the demon’s eyes.

    The demon reared back and suddenly the open space was filled with activity. Figures in black cloaks made a circle around the demon. They held their arms out toward their neighbor and a purple outline connected them all, forming a star with the demon caught in the center. Miyuki took a step back. These were not demon slayers!

    Symbols appeared on the inside of the circle, floating in mid air. Miyuki didn’t recognize them. The demon touched one and reeled back when it shocked him. The figures began chanting and the symbols started spinning, going faster and faster until is made a solid blue line. Miyuki shielded her eyes from the blast of light. When she lowered her arm, the demon and the cloaked figures were gone.

    Miyuki felt a presence behind her. “Thank you.” said the same voice. But when Miyuki turned to see him, he was already gone.