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    Part 4:
    Yuffie sighed heavily after losing sight of the guy. Slowly she got back into dancing, and soon in her own little dancing world

    Yuffie felt two arms place themselves around her waist. The girl didn't jump; it wasn't the first time someone randomly decided to dance with her. Instead she slowly turned her head to the side to see simply how it was.

    "Mind if I have this dance?" a cold yet pleasing voice whispered softly in her ear. At loss for words Yuffie lifted her glace up to his eyes. Yuffie’s brown eyes meet his enchanting red-brown eyes and the two silently stared into each other for a moment.

    Yuffie continued to stare into his eyes, well after the man went on to scanning her face and the rest of her. She felt a cold chill come over her body as he silently looked her over. It was surely an odd feeling and yet she felt like she would die if she didn’t feel it again.

    The man finished looking her carefully once over and returned his light glace back to her eyes. He had a mix of a smile and smirk on this face and leaned his head in close to hers gently kissing her.

    Yuffie seemed a bit surprised at first but lightly melted into his kiss. Her eyes stayed closed well after the kiss until the two started to dance again. Soon they were dancing extremely close to each other.

    She continued to dance in a fashion that she would normally disagree too but was being too caught up in the moment. "Come outside with me," the man whispered again in her ear.
    Yuffie looked up at him trying her best resist all desire to go with him right away. She finally mumbled out, " I-I don’t even know your name..."

    The man lightly smirked and simply replied, "Amos."

    She debated for a second than took his hand showing that she would follow him. He grinned lightly and kissed her hand, taking her outside through a large group of people.

    Luckily the door wasn’t that far away, and Amos opened the sliding glass and waited for Yuffie to go outside before he would close it. She smiled lightly and took a step outside.

    The night's cold air quickly filled her lungs, while the wind lightly blew the edges of her clothes. Yuffie watched as Amos walked around and in front of her. "I was hoping you would be here tonight," he said softly.

    "Oh?" she said simply.

    Amos chuckled lightly, slowly walking closer to her, "Yes... you’re different than all of those people."

    Yuffie turned her head away before speaking, "No, no I'm not really… "

    Amos gently put a hand under her chin and carefully turned her head back to face him, saying, "Yes you are." She slowly looked up at him, her eyes flickered over his face than kissed him, even surprising herself a little.

    This time Amos was more surprised, but than a smirk appeared on his face as he passionately kissed her in return. Their kiss grew more lust and hunger.
    Yuffie began to become uncomfortable and slowly backed up, not wanting to break the kiss herself. Amos walked in step with her keeping the passionate kiss going.

    The kiss finally broke when Yuffie bumped into the wall behind her. Yuffie was breathing more heavily than before, with all the emotions running through her. Amos smiled lightly and placed a hand on her hip.

    Only the moon's light shined on their faces, and the wind gently blew their hair around. Yuffie lifted her arm to brush the hair from her eyes, but before she could return it to her side Amos gently pinned it against the wall with a light playful smile. He was not really holding her against the wall; if she walked to leave she wouldn't have trouble breaking free.

    Yuffie returned a playful smirk with one of her own. The kiss grew with passion, and Yuffie's moan echoed in his mouth.

    That’s when she gave into him... when he had her up against the wall...

    Amos moved the hand that was on her hip to over to the middle of her chest, putting a tiny bit of pressure on it, than he broke their long winged kiss. Yuffie looked at him a bit confused.

    He leaned in close to her ear, " I'll been looking for you Yuffie... for a long time now," Yuffie’s confusion only continued since she didn’t get what he meant.
    Amos passionately kissed her bare neck, than in-between kissing her he spoke, "Your more special than you think."

    He lightly backed off, only touching her hand and chest. Instead he now was pinning them both down. Amos continued to put even more pressure on her chest making her feel like she couldn't breathe.

    Yuffie whined under him about the insane about of pressure he was holding her down with. "You’re hurting me," she whispered out, being all she could mange to say. Amos ignored her comment and looked into her brown eyes before whispering in her ear once again, "This is for your own protection my love”

    Amos sunk to his fangs into her neck with a sharp indescribable pain. Tissues ripped away and blood flowing up to the surface of her neck, than into Amos's mouth. She screamed as loud as she could, but it was drowned up by the loud music being played inside.

    Yuffie start to feel dizzy, her knees turning into Jell-O. If Amos hadn’t been pinning her against the wall, she would have slid down it. Amos seemed to be addicted to her blood, and was having trouble in pulling himself away from it.

    He released her pinned hand, which limply fell down to her side. Yuffie stared weakly at him and his now crimson colored lips. Amos gently brushed hair out of her eyes with his free hand before kissing her again.

    Yuffie moaned loudly, for a different reason this time... As he kissed her she could taste her own blood, which only causing her to whine louder. Amos removed his hand from her chest, and took two steps back soon disappearing into the night. She fought for conscience, and was greatly losing that battle. Yuffie soon passed out and limply slide down the wall....

    Inside a girl, a little younger than most of the girls, walked up to Carly as she still was dancing dirty with her new boyfriend. "What do you want Ushi..." Carly said dryly.

    Ushi ignored the tone of the comment since they weren't her friends so she didn’t care. She only came because her football player brother needed a cover.

    "Didn’t Yuffie come with you?" Ushi asked.

    "Yes...... why?" Carly continued to dryly reply.

    "Because... she isn’t here,"she said in a harsher tone getting a little annoyed at Carly.

    "If I go with you to look really fast will you leave me alone?" Carly said lightly rolled her eyes.

    "Yes!" Ushi exclaimed still a bit annoyed, " Her other friends said she went outside, or by you, or running the Russian crime circuit. They didn’t remember through they were drunk at the time."

    "Whatever... lets just go outside," Carly said with a yawn making her way outside.

    Once outside they looked around. Carly looked once and suggested that they should go in while Ushi was already looking all over.

    "Wai----t...” Ushi said finally managed to finish. Looking down at Yuffie passed out on the ground, with blood slowly dripping down her neck. Ushi covered her mouth at the sight.

    Carly sighed lightly walking over, "What cat got your tongue?" She stepped next to Ushi seeing the same horror. Carly dropped her expensive bag and screamed loudly.

    "I... uh...Carly go inside and uh... do something... um... useful..." Ushi said at a loss for words. She carefully bent down reaching for Carly's purse not taking her eyes off of Yuffie as if she might pop up and attack.

    "Oh... why did I watch a scary movie before I came,” she said fumbling through Carly's purse looking for her cell phone. Once finding it to flipped it open and dialed.

    "Hello 911... y-you're not going to believe this..."