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    Hello, Hola, etc etc~ <br />
    Welcome to my page here on Gaia! Feel free to call me Jc or Jay or by my username In the forms: Joy or Toxic. Not much to know about me since im rather lazy to type up a whole story about myself, but here are at least four things you could say make up "moi".<br />
    <br />
    o1.) Im an artist<br />
    o2.) I obviously like to draw<br />
    o3) Listing is fun. :3<br />
    o4) Uh. Yeah, i don't know.<br />
    <br />
    ANYWAY--disregarding all that, you may have noticed my inactivity from gaia recently. Where have i disapeared off to you may ask? ( or not? ) Well, it just so happens that i've finally found some intiative to actually start working my ass on what i like and do best. Art. Now don't worry, im still on the internet, and of course you can still chat up random conversations with me, but just not on here as often anymore. You can check out my gallery @ D.A And even add me on your watch/buddy list if you have an account yourself- But that's your choice of course! Still, i'd apreciate it if you visited! o v o<br />
    My DeviantArt Account<br />
    <br />
    Thanks for reading! Cya, Adios, Ciao etc etc~<br />
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