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    meeting new people is hard for me to do ,cuhs im shy, but if i met you it's because i was down to earth to talk to you.(: <3<br />
    My names laura & im a cancer i do love pearly things(: , I'm kinda just kinda short, i am meaner in person ;D & i guess if i joke around with you im not afraid to be your friend.(: i like smiley faces & i hate pests , dont think about beggining.. beggars are useless especially the ones that keeps coming back for more,haters are dumbbitches, yes i cuss & i do that alot, i like my best friend but he doesn't know.so im afraid to take risks. .spiders,Beatles,BIG cockroach are scary ! im not a very talented person but im also not a fat biittch sitting behind a computer annoying people..some arguements are fun like WATCHING retarts in rally & or hollywood argue & acting bigger than another. HAHA. anyways imma go zomg goodbye;D
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