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  • Artist Info: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. i tend to be very shy when u meet me but when u get to know me im very loud and fun i will literally jump of the walls i am an anime fan i havent watched alot but i can name a few but i dont feel like it my friends call me kate ur more then welcome to call me that in fact i encourage it another nickname for me is tthe insane wolf no i dont consider it mean i enjoy being insane^^ plus i have a very active imagination so if i start talking nonesense im thinking also i love to wright if u want me to write a story about something just ask and give me a description or maybe a summary and ill try and write it out i can also write how they do on quizilla and fanfiction just ask and i will mind u i dont know everyone but i will research the person as best as possible .......sorry if i didnt use puncuation i was just lazy ill fix it later &gt;.&lt;..ok interest tags r being mean to me so i shall type them here ok well my hobbies and interests r quite simple and well not alot of them and i think i stated them up there __^ ok well my music is pretty much all types i enjoy them all except regae and rap i detest them alright my favorite bands r my chemical romance, the used before they got the new drummer,him,avenged sevenfold,eveneascence,within temptation those r a few but if u want i recomend to suggest bands i will listen to them and i might like them...now for my t.v. shows i enjoy to watch anime period ha! well to name a few is naruto, inuyasha, and i guess their r more if u want u can go ahead and suggest any good animes u know of but please dont suggest fullmetal alchemist and bleach i have already started those and im working on it ...now for favorite movies is silent hill,inuyasha movies and the naruto movies even though i havent seen the latest one where naruto apparently dies i havent watched it so technically thats not a spoiler and its on the comercail ha! poo on u!! ok now that that is over with...for my favorite reads i acctaully read alot so i ahve a wide variety but i prefer fantasy romance,romance thriller, tragic romance,fantasy,anything within that range but i prefer the authors sandra brown, nora roberts, and tamora peirce now there it is ha! ha! im done! woot! no time to be evil and if u dont get me visit yami_neko07 profile she shall explain mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -hack coughs-im ok oh and thanks to all that actually read this lol<br />
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.<br />
    lol im insane yay insanity i dont suffer from it i enjoy every minute ...we get soft rooms^^ check out my other gaia account xdeathlaughx....its still under construction though =p i will post on further notice when its ready ^^ nyah its taking long &gt;.&lt; oh and because of the whole change in the games room if u see my name in both of my accounts its most likely an rp so please join it =p i have also made an account called fatasy_rp lol
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