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  • Artist Info: Hi, you can call me Katanas Blade, Katana, K.B., Kaby, Fred, or whatever you feel like. It's nice to see that you've bothered to visit my profile. As you can see, I don't have many friends, and that's how I like it. I hate it when I have like, 20,000 people on my friendlist that I don't ever talk to.<br />
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    So, what else should I put in here?
    I am currently in school for art.Not sure if I'll stay there, as I'm not really sure which direction my life is headed right now. I'm in one of those dreaded in-between phases that everybody hates so much. Drawing is my life, so hopefully I will end up doing something artistic. Perhaps Illustrator or something like that.I'm not sure if I could stand it, living forever with a job I can't stand.Here's hoping things will start to look up soon
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