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    <br />
    Since im nice and all for today and since i've been told to.<br />
    I will change this About me.<br />
    I wouldnt tell u my name not in the mood to do so.<br />
    Anyway im 15 im going to be 16 soon.<br />
    Im quite athletic.<br />
    I like sports i believe nearly half of the ppl who will read this do so.<br />
    I play alot of computer games, it's (whats they say) the reason i fail at school.<br />
    Im not a loner or something , I have friends too <br />
    Im not that good when it comes to writing in English , MY GOOODDNEEESS this is one of my weakness other than science.<br />
    Im not serious in real life, i actually LAUGH alot and smile and that's the reason why ppl ask "Why r u smiling?... whats the reason to smile?" which i found a little bit retarded for them to ask. <br />
    Im quite sarcastic.<br />
    I like to point someones wrong when they r really wrong in which it will lead to a new door to the world of argumentation.<br />
    what else hmhmhm... <br />
    I know how to ride/do tricks on a skateboard, i have alot fo them then i grew bored of it for just... years (2 years i guess) and then i didnt liked it anymore, but i still know how to do it. This shares the matter of all the things that i wanted but then gre tried of like : guitars,ps2,psp, keyboard , flute and lots lots more EXCEPTION DRUMS. i still know how to play all the instruments i have but i guess i will never will MASTER THIS DAMN RETARDED FLUTE .<br />
    So i guess u now have the idea of me being bored so easily.<br />
    Well yah i do and i will never deny it coz i really am.<br />
    And i like to watch movies and ... listen to music and then play it on my head or learn how to play them. <br />
    I know how to surf BUT I DAMN DOESNT KNOW HOW TO SWIM ON A DEEP SEA. I do doggy paddle <br />
    Hmm <br />
    i guess thats all about me.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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