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  • Artist Info: I am awesomness xd and I have a twin sister, I love chocolate, soccer and art. I'm good at like every sport, not the best at all but I'm very good at soccer and the positions I play are mid-field and Keeper. I am also very good at art in general but mostly sketching I have a ton of drawings and I might post them on here but I don't color them in but I can take up too five hours on a project. I get distracted easily and I'm very random.<br />
    <br />
    I'm now way more into track because last year I tried out for the High school track team and am now Varsity rofl xd , I do 100 meter dash 200 meter 4x100 meter and long jump. I am also in AP art this year and just started soccer club this week biggrin rofl ninja mrgreen xp
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