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  • Artist Info: My name is Jonsie, first name Nicole. I am in seven sports: ATA karate, horse back riding, the rodeo circutt, barrek racing, show jumping, cattle round up, and cross country running team. I know many people that girls and boys would love to meet, and I am dating one of them. I hate fighting, but I'm not the type to be controlled. I am stubborn and it is impossible to break my will. I have endless energy and I am very reckless. I often go cliff diving, sky diving, dirt biking, mudding, jump off of 200 ft. rocks into the ocean, pretty much anything that gives you a rush of adrenaline. I'm a natural, happy, perky girl who hates drama, makeup, and, if giving the chance, I would burn down the mall biggrin <br />
    I love the mountains that I live in, and I'm proud to call myself a cowgirl!
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