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  • Artist Info: I am a huge fan of Death Note, Tim Burton, and other gothish stuff, however, I wouldn't call myself a goth. I like art of all kinds, and I love to animate. I play the guitar, finger-style and regularly with a pick, and I want to learn the violin, cello, bass, and accordion as well. Yes, that's right, I want to learn the accordion.<br />
    <br />
    There are many things I DONT like also. Here's a list.<br />
    <br />
    Arizona<br />
    New America (I love old America though)<br />
    Fake people<br />
    People who talk too much<br />
    Arrogant people<br />
    Over-the-top happy people<br />
    People who think they're funny but arent<br />
    People who think they're good at something, but arent<br />
    The New American government<br />
    The New American people<br />
    The New American ideals<br />
    The New American work ethic<br />
    The New American taxes<br />
    The New American leadership
    <br />
    Crappy grammar (like, sloppy misspellings)<br />
    Little kids (I don't hate them, they just make me uncomfortable)<br />
    Screaming kids<br />
    Crying kids<br />
    Crying babies<br />
    Crying adults (the worst kind)<br />
    Law breakers who go unpunished<br />
    Idiots<br />
    Guys who treat girls like objects (burning hatred....buuuurning hatred)<br />
    Those little bread clips<br />
    Elmo endorsing Obama (funny, but wrong)<br />
    Obama childrens books (No, seriously, I saw TWO at Target yesterday, right next to a childrens Bible. 0_o)<br />
    People calling me racist for not agreeing with Obama (BIG one)<br />
    Windows vista<br />
    Nerds<br />
    Colored paper clips<br />
    Youtube video blogs (annoying)<br />
    Fred (on youtube)<br />
    Disney (disneyland is cool though)<br />
    Sci Fi channel original movies (but I watch them anyways)
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