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  • Artist Info: the name is emily<br />
    you can call me emmy<br />
    But most call me dearest.<br />
    i'm basically a bad bitch.<br />
    i love music and video games.<br />
    i like to read, write, sing and dance.<br />
    i collect movies, i don't like peas,i love tattoos i got a pretty good collection of my own going i defiantly plan to get more, and my main goal in life is to be happy.<br />
    i don't wanna ever wanna sell out, i personally challenge myself to be successful in life and not have to change who i am and become another meat puppet of the corporate world.<br />
    i don't have many if any friends i suppose its my own fault but fuck it.<br />
    my dreams include traveling the world, owning a real piece of art, and having a room sized closet.<br />
    i love anything nerdy i love me some mtg.<br />
    i fucking love all things my chemical romance, all things vampire, so with that all things twilight or rpatz. these things do not make me a emo fag or a scene whore. anyone who has a problem with it can stfu and fuck off.<br />
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