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  • Artist Info: Since you're obviously curious, here's a little bit about me:<br />
    Sometimes I can be very RANDOM.<br />
    My memory is equivilant to that of a goldfish's.<br />
    I have a great sense of humor. (Or maybe the people who told me this were just mocking me...)<br />
    My favorite season is winter!!! (Even though I live no where near any snow. crying (And if I did I would probably complain about how cold it is. LOL!!))<br />
    I HATE odd numbers!!! scream (Except for 5.) I can't help it, they just drive me crazy!! o_e<br />
    I heart drawing!! But sadly I don't have enough time to do avi art anymore... cry <br />
    I am a music enthusiast. (In simpler terms I love all kinds of music not just one genre. 3nodding ) <br />
    I'm kind of obsessed with Gaia. * rolleyes <br />
    I take the arenas very seriously and like to do the best I can with each and every avatar. (And I have soooooo many great ideas that I can't wait for everyone to see!XD (Click HERE if you would like to go to my gallery. (And if you're reading this from my gallery then "Yay, for you!" You just saved yourself a trip. 3nodding )))<br />
    My heart will always be with the original arena (even though it's really sucked lately) because I like a good challenge. I'm happy to have placed at least once despite the arenas being so finicky. lol<br />
    I do not respond to beggars!!! I work hard to get the gold I have so please don't ask. (Here's some advice: Find a good Booty Grab thread, trust me it's awesome!! Here's the main one I use: Click Me!) <br />
    I'm also a bit of a stickler with grammar.<br />
    All in all I am WEIRD; so if you're okay with a weirdo then........ well.... *Stares blankly into space for a minute*...... that's about it. LOL!! sweatdrop
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