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    I'm Kathrine,<br />
    <br />
    I like animals.<br />
    My feet are weird.<br />
    I had a cat that only had three legs, but now I have Jonah.<br />
    That's him in my signature.<br />
    I'm awkward.<br />
    I prefer cool colors to warm.<br />
    I've never really liked red.<br />
    I don't care for birds being around me, but I like to look at them.<br />
    Rabbits scare me.<br />
    I wish I liked salad.<br />
    I want to visit Ireland.<br />
    I love children.<br />
    My birthday is in the Summer.<br />
    I love to paint, even though I'm awful at it.<br />
    I want to be a photographer,<br />
    or a teacher, but most of all a mother.<br />
    I want to photograph children.<br />
    I will have a son named Elijah.<br />
    I love my dad.<br />
    I'll probably never have a desire to visit China.<br />
    I've never been on an airplane.<br />
    I like clouds.<br />
    Purple is my favorite color.<br />
    My dad has a cool beard.<br />
    I don't like anime.<br />
    I had a bad awkward stage.<br />
    I hated junior high.<br />
    I will go to college.<br />
    I'm not good at school.<br />
    I like seeing people smile,<br />
    and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.<br />
    <br />
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    <br />
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