• I was 12 when I first played cp. My dad got me membership for the penguin I had created. I hung out with my 2 friends. Soda, and Camo, and their group of friends. I noticed myself slowly drifting apart from them as one day I was on Snow Fort, looking around and shopping. Camo didn't seem to care about me, he was filled with darkness. Soda cared, she was lecturing me like hell. I seemed to ignore her. One day while cheering at the ice rink, I found a few interesting people. Potatoes, fb dude, & a girl name mousemuffin appeared next to me. Potatoes was all " IM GONNA EAT PLUTO =D!!!" I laughed at their excitement and watched them have fun. Soon, I realized I was playing along with them.

    ------------------First Chapter End-----------------------

    Notes from the author :

    Yes, it was very short I know. Im working on it.