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  • Artist Info: Hi, My name is Danielle.<br />
    let me give it to you straight.<br />
    I can be your best friend, or a royal bitch. If there is something wrong and you are my best friend, I will try my hardest to help you fix it. If im a royal bitch to you, chances are, I wont extend the same favor.<br />
    I enjoy singing, long walks with nowhere to go, gaia forums, my fruit-cutting job, occasionally meeting with friends, and most importantly to me, my boyfriend Dan. I truly love him, and always will.<br />
    If youre looking for an avatar, I make them for free, if you promise one thing; be interesting! No begging... this goes for gold too, as I am always changing my look, and am frequently poor.<br />
    I will be on periodically, but after the 31st of August, back to school for me!- so expect somewhat fewer visits.<br />
    Im in my 3rd (woopsie...) year at JCC, with an undecided major... ok, so im in liberal arts- would you like fries with that? JK I make salads for a job. O_-<br />
    I tend to ramble on IRL but in forums and things, im usually short sweet, and to the point.<br />
    I like to shop, dont really know a girl who doesnt... my kryptonite is shoes and purses.<br />
    My original group of "4 amigos" would be Emily, Katelyn, Brittani, and I. Brittani might not be in NYS anymore, but she is always in our hearts. &lt;3<br />
    Eviebear is my IRL cousin- she is awesomesauce. :3<br />
    I also have an extra special sister named Amber. &lt;3<br />
    Stay classy Gaia! Or maybe just... stay interesting.<br />
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