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Harry Pooter/ Twilight
This is a rant about how much I hate both!

OK so like when Harry Potter came out I was pretty young, I can't remember how young but I think I was like ten. Anyways so that became like an overnight craze, people were buying the books etc. Anyways so I read it and was like, "this ain't so bad." It was the same with Twilight, except I read it before it was a craze. And now here I am years later and I have only one thing to say about them both, They really freaking suck!!!! And I know millions of people will say, WTF? no they don't but seriously they do. Harry Potter's problem is that it's the same regurgitated story line over and over again for seven freaking books. And I know everyone says well no it's not, but seriously it is. I mean in the first one he has to battle some secret unknown force which is dun dun dun Voldimort! In the second one he has to do battle with dun dun dun Tom Riddle, which is ....... Voldimort! Third one he has to battle Ron's rat who works for Voldimort, Fourth he does battle with Voldimort at the end, *Gasp* and who should get killed at the end of the fourth movie? Cold it be? no, well yes it is, Bloody Freaking Robert Pattenson who incidentally is the guy who all the twelve year old fan girls scream over about how hot he is in freaking Twilight!!!! I bet those girls didn't even knew he did another movie!!! Anyways I was going with theme that in every freaking Harry Potter he ends up doing battle with Voldemort or someone who works for him or is somehow connected with him, I mean come on people don't you get bored of reading the same thing over and over again?
And man What is up with freaking Twilight? I mean the only reason it does so well is because of stupid Twelve year old girls who are obsessed with a freaking fictional character!!!! I mean I like guys from books just as much as the next reader, but I don't obsess about them and wear shirts or buttons or whatever about how I want some fictional Vampire to come suck my blood because I wanna get jiggy with them, I mean like come on people!!!! I mean how can you like a book that says on one page rainbow sparkles eight freaking times!!!!! I mean Jesus freaking christ have you watched the freaking movie???? Was it just me, or was that freaking movie done in blue?


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