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bad me
Sorry for not posting sweatdrop

I am SOOOOOO sorry for not posting for almost a week. OK so today I was hanging out with my friend Lindsay and now I can't find the book I was reading eek maybe she stole it? Oh well if she did it doesn't matter because she'll give it back. What most likely happened was that the book fell behind my bed or something. So anyways when she left I was on Solia for a while. eek I know, I know I feel like such a traitor because I now go on Solia. It's not as if I meant to like it so much. It's just that they have a whole forum dedicated to just Role Playing. Can you believe that? It's freaking amazing!!!! If only Gaia had it .... *sigh* Anyways so like after Lindsay left my old friend Jacquelene called and we met for coffee and caught up with each other. Except that now she wants to hang out on Monday and make Lou come too. It's ALL my fault too! crying It's because I kinda admitted to her that I still liked Lou. redface I mean what should I have done? Told her not to? I mean you don't say no to Jackie!!! Anyways so after she got on the bus I went to go wait for mine, and like this random creepy guy came up to me and started asking me all these questions and stuff. At first I thought he was like a Jehovah witness guy or maybe even a Mormon missionary, but no! He asked if we could be friends and then if I wanted to live with him and then like he asked for my phone number and I was so scared that I gave him a fake one, and now I'm worried that if he ever sees me again I'll have to explain why I gave him the wrong number and then I'll have to make a new fake number and the cycle will start all over again. By the way his name was Patrick, like Spongebob Squarepants!!!!

-------a very worried A


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