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I Welcome you! =3

Hi there! It's certainly been a long time! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up consistent entries. I guess I should recap the last couple of months for you.
So nothing much really happened for a while. And then Christmas time came, and my step-sister Chantelle came to live with us for a little bit. That was extreme hell. I should probably tell you about Channy. Channy has got to be the most idiotic, trashy, slutty, and vain person I know. She wears about as much makeup as a clown, can't solve even the simplest linear equations, and spends most of her time starting drama for not only herself, but those around her too. It's a complete wonder how someone so deranged could actually have friends. Anyways, so Channy starting living with us. And everything was OK, not great or good even, but OK, and so when Christmas rolls around my sister Kait gets a $75 gift certificate for the mall. Well Channy decides that she wants a new Roca Wear purse, this great big ugly thing. Anyways so she goes out shopping on boxing day and comes back with that ugly thing. It's not until the next day that Kait discovers that her giftcard and $15 are missing from her wallet. Then Channy has the gall to say it wasn't her, and to blame her friend for stealing it! Meanwhile she just bought a $90 purse the day before! Anyways it wasn't long before we got her to confess. And then it wasn't long until we kicked her out.
So let's skip ahead a little while. Valentine's Day I went to a dance with Colin. Not much to talk about there. March break I started dating my long time friend Sam. Since then we've broken up about once a week.
And now for the big finale!!! On Friday I protested against Police brutality! If there's anyone from my home town of London here you'll probably have heard about the protest on the news. Or YouTube. So what happened was that the day before some cops got into a brawl with some kids from my school. A male officer assaulted a female minor because she asked him why the hell was he arresting her brother. For all you people who don't know: male officers are not allowed to touch women, it's against the law! Anyways so after the guy threw her to the ground some other guys jumped in and the brawl began. You might think that that's no reason to protest, but the fact of the matter is that six people who were just trying to defend themselves, and their friends, from trained officers were arrested, meanwhile not only did those officers start the fight, but they will not be held accountable for their actions! That's why I say FTP!!!!!


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