was AWSOME... going again today (;
it was so much fun at first until the Lion Dancing started cus all my friends were just leaving me behind while they were chasing and humping S E X U A L L Y H A R A S S I N G the Lions! =.=
i mean, i would've let loose and done the same thing-- IF MY FAMILY WASN'T WATCHING. yes, my grandpa is in charge of San Diego Legendary Lion Dance Association. i go to the temple every Sun/Sat to practice kung fu. so basically every body ignored me. LAMMEEE.
so the whole day was 50/50.

but today i'm going again. and this time i'm hainging out with my cousin Liana and sister. we're gona go on rides, eat, and check out the booths. and guys (;
lol so yep. can't wait biggrin