ummm... let's just say that when i started writing my dream, it sounded very prostitute-ish... so i won't tell you (;

but i LOVE how my journal came out! the colors, the style. very nice, wouldn't u say? (;

so, yesterday, i found my journal of Summer '09 , and in it, were the names of all my friends there. DRAMA is up in this life but i can't run away from it you know? i'm accepting the fact that my life will always be full of drama. well anyways, one of my friends and my mom were talking (she loves them a lot u know? ) and basically he betrayed her. so now i'm thinking, gosh... life. some friends people turn out to be huh? but thats OK.

my friend, Kayla, and I made a pack since we shared the same goals for this year. QUIT THE POPULAR GROUP AND FORM A TRUSTWORTHY FRIENDSHIP WITH OTHER PEOPLE WITH THE SAME INTENTSIONS. biggrin DD is that nhow u spell it? ahahah wtv (:

but other than that, life is pretty busy but i won't be on that much during school... or maybe not at all... but i'll try to get on every now and then. thats all..