yesterday, i realized it would be okay for my ex-boyfriend, Long, to be just friends because i didn't really love him, and he wasn't that good of a boyfriend anyways; so i think I'm over him! HOORAY! but anyways, this all revolves around my dream where (in the beginning) i talk to this guy in a bus full of people I'm not familiar with. the van/bus was the one where you can sit in the trunk but, like, you can breathe and talk to your friends ( XD ) . so yea.. THERE> im sitting with this guy and Long. somehow, i feel like the guy is related to my best friend Kathy but he's not that good looking. but i liked him so i ended up sleeping with my arms wrapped around him<3 and long sleeping by himself HAHA ;P
AND THEN> im in a plastic car (the yellow & red one) but its long so me, my sister, cousin Liana, her bros Kyle and Brandon can fit . we go down a huge hill w/ me in the front . all of a sudden we're up the hill again, and this time, im in the middle. it was so thrilling yet scary, i poofed up the hill and sat in the front once again..
AND THEN> i was in a forest! with the knife my dad gave me, i had to kill these giant centipedes! one by one! first a light-brown colored one, (which i successfully killed pirate ) and then a black one which i THOUGHT i killed so it was that situation when u start to walk away but then it came at me! and before i knew it i died.
this dream wasn't that bad and i enjoyed it esspecially at the begginning <3
so i woke up and decided to daydream about the boy once again<3