so... my friend Olivya invited me to her birthday party, which is a beach party, 20 mins away from the area i live in. do you think i'm too young to go to a beach party? i mean, i'm more mature and aware of my surroundings than my 16 year old friend! if you ask me, i'd say my brain is a fully developed 25 year old at the LEAST. ;P

AND, i'm learning Kung Fu, so even though i'm not a master what-so-ever, i learned plenty of moves to protect myself.

its only 20 mins. away, there will be plenty of parents chaperoning the party, too. OMG IDEA!!! biggrin
i could bring a date (a buddy system! biggrin ) i shall suggest that to my parents ^^ 3nodding
well thats all for now. GOIN' ON AIM. (;