so basically, last night, i had a dream, that i died but i didn't know. so i was just living out my normal life, but it was kinda like a "genjustu" from Naruto... (that's the only way i could explain it..)
and the crackhead Anthoney Nguyen was there! WTH??? it's hard to explain because the dream was pretty long and i just didn't like it wat so ever. i was constantly fighting for (i guess) my freedom. and i was reincarnated twice. WEIRD...
i like my dream (because of it's weirdness) bu at the same time i hate it too because i couldn't be left alone, and i was always fighting and trying to get away from this curse/loophole i've been destined to live. OMG. i just realized my dream sounded like this story i read on Gaia..

it was a fiction story in the areanas. search up the author Blind Dolly Akezai
& the story says Akira:________
so yea..

weirdnes.... razz