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General Info
Name: Satoshi Momichi (US: Momichi Satoshi)

Gender: Female

Race: Japanese American

Birthday: April 5

Age: 19

Character Quote: "Shut up, A$$h*(#!" and "Baka father!" to her dad.

Sexual Orientation: Strait

Rank: None yet

Klover Files

Original crime: Sofar only beating people up without mercy.

Jacket: none yet.

Weapon of choice: Any type of blade or object that can be swong or thrown. She has a short katana that's blade is about a foot long, hidden somewhere under her dress. She also uses her body to fight (third degree blackbelt in Taikwondo).

Background Information: Though she doesn't have mutch personal experience with crime, Momichi's father, Hoji, works for powerful bosses and gang dealers. They move from place to place so she never really bothers to know the men her father works for or what they do. Her father enroled her into a few martial arts schools when she was really young, so she would be able to defend herself if need be. When she was 10 she played a lot of baseball, so her aim is dead on, no matter what she throws or swings. When As she got older, she watched many horror movies with some of her father's 'co-workers' and ended up whitnessing a small fight between two rival gangs, giving her a good taist of the real violence and dead bodies. The memorie dampens her fear of seeing corpses and fights. Momichi and Hoji recently moved to Kyousou so he could work for the Hearts, however, they moved into the Klover's teritory, so they have to rush across it to where the Hearts are. Momichi is looking for a job, which may now turn out to be the store clerk at 7/11 thanks to a sertain gun happy gang member.

Personality: She's very quick tempered and doesn't hesitate to beat the crap out of anyone who pisses her off, devil or not. But when she's happy, she can be one of the sweetest young women one would ever hope to meet.

Special skill: Momichi can throw just about anything, acurately. She's also able to come up with strategies pretty quick on her feet. She's a second degree blackbelt in taikwondo so fighting hand to hand is pretty easy for her.

Likes: sweets, cats, cute things, hot guys, the satisfaction of hard work, vidio games, the color red, and Bolavard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.

Hates: annoying people, people that piss her off, and guys who constantly hit on her. Also cocroaches.

Hobbies: working and cleaning things, as well as practicing her taikwondo.

Theme Song: (looking for one)