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Basic Info
Full Name: Mia Konoske
Nicknames: Mia-chan (Kai-senei), and Black Eyed Oni (everyone else)
Age: 18 Birthday: May 14 (the day my finals are over xd )
Gender: female
Sensei: Kai-sensei
Rank: Acadamy Student, though I prefer her to be Jounin level
Ninja Type/class: bounty hunter ninja

2 Elements: wind and earth
Weapon of choice: see above ^
Strength: Taijutsu, ninjutsu, traps, speed, smart, and physical strength
Weakness: Genjutsu (she really sucks at them)
Jutsu List:
- Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Jutsu)
- Kawarimi no Jutsu (Substitution Jutsu)
- Nawanuke no Jutsu (Rope Escape Technique)
- Doton: Bakuyaku Iwa Kawarimi (Earth Release: Explosive Stone Body Replacement)
Description: This jutsu replaces the body with a large stone or even a boulder, using Kawarimi no Jutsu. There is a rather dangerous difference though, the boulder that replaces the stone-nin’s body is explosive and if struck explodes with the force of an explosive note.

- Boufuu Bakuhatsu Bunshin no Jutsu (Wind Explosion Clone)
Description: A deadly attack formed by modifying any bunshin that requires the usage of wind during creation. Upon its destruction, the wind that is used to create the being suddenly explodes outwards with great force. The results can be deadly, especially to those around the clone. There is virtually no way to tell the difference. The clone detonates with the force of three explosion tags, enough cause serious damage to anyone caught within the brunt of the blast without protection, requiring immediate medical attention. One clone may be made for every ten reserves of the user's.

- Doton: Tamaishi Danmaku (Earth Release: Pebble barrage)
Description: Another basic technique. The user releases a surge of chakra that is capable of lifting small stones and pebbles off the ground and sending them flying towards the enemy. Only small stones up to the size of a grape can be sent flying, and objects too small such as sand will not be carried by the chakra. The force of this attack is not really damaging. It’s only something like having many pebbles thrown at you. It’s more of a distraction and annoyance than to actually damage. Yet, it’s pretty useful to distract an enemy while one makes an escape.

- Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Inner Decapitation Skill or Headhunter Jutsu)
Description: This earth jutsu allows the user to “dive” into the ground and move around in it as if it was water, or even thin air. This ability allows the user to get near an opponent without notice and when below him, pull down the opponent to ground, burying his body and leaving only the head above the ground. This particular jutsu isn’t an attack by itself, but it easily creates and opening for more deadly attacks.

- Kyoushu no Tosshin (Wind Release: Assassin’s Rush)
Description: Expelling a great deal of chakra, the user forces a vast amount of wind out behind them. This blast of wind has two effects, first, anything behind the user will likely be knocked over by the blast, secondly it propels the user extremely quickly in their desired direction, and the user may use the wind to make continual adjustments to their trajectory during this short dash. The dash lasts for barely a second, but in that time the user can cover considerable distance, making this an excellent assassination jutsu as the name implies. After use the user must wait three posts before using it again.

- Kaze Gyorai no Jutsu (Wind Torpedo)
Description: The user gathers a large amount of wind into his lungs and expels it in a single blow, similar to the projectile deflection blast. This version however is significantly more devastating as the wind forms a torpedo that is near invisible that launches towards the opponent. Upon contact it explodes with the force of two exploding tags.

- Tatsumaki Wana (Wind Release: Tornado Trap)
Description: The user creates a large tornado about ten feet high directly around their enemy wide enough so that they have little room to move. The opponent will find themselves trapped inside the eye of this tornado, unharmed by the winds but unable to move without touching the tornado. If they attempt to escape they will find the swirling winds will push them back inside the center, with several cuts and scratches due to the ferocity of the winds. However just as what’s inside cannot leave what is outside cannot enter; any attacks or projectiles will simply be deflected back out. The tornado lasts for two posts and has a three post cool down time

- Kaze no Yaiba (Wind Sword)
Description: The user summons a violent gust of wind, moving so fast that if caught within the blast an enemy will suffer blade like wounds from the wind slashing them so strongly. Due to it’s nature it’s difficult to block but can be avoided. The injuries look very much like that of a sword wound, which is where the name originated.

- Hikui Tenkuu Assaku no Jutsu (Low Air Pressure Technique)
Description: This technique makes the air pressure in a room drop dramatically, causing anyone inside to fall asleep. It can only work in an enclosed area like a building or room.

- Kaze Shunshin no Jutsu (Wind Instantaneous Body Skill)
Description: An ability which allows the user to transport from one area to another in a gust of wind. The user has to have been to the area before, and be able to sense the location with his own chakra before being able to transport himself there. This means that the distance is limited to about one mile. This jutsu can only be used to escape combat, and may not be used in the same post if the shinobi has attacked or defended.

- Sekkai Bunshin: Shinogeru Inshou (Stone Clone: Protective Seal)
Description: Defensive seal that protects an Earthen wall from all types of attacks. More than one seal must be used to be effective. Seals must be attacked to get past the incredible defense at which time they create a rock clone of whoever destroys the seal.

- Sekkai Keibou (Stone Guard Creation)
Description: This technique creates a phalanx of semi animate stone figures with large shields, tiger heads, and giant pikes. The phalanx of monsters are as fast as a genin, but may only fight as a single unit. They can not stray more than 3 feet from one another. The performer of this technique must remain at the center of this phalanx or the phalanx will become immobile.

- Yougan Eisha no Jutsu (Lava Swimmer Technique)
Description: The Shinobi is able to swim through lava unharmed, though they can not do so for extended periods of time.

- Dosekiryuu no Jutsu (Rock Avalanche Technique)
Description: The user must be near the side of a mountain. A powerful technique, the user molds his chakra to cause an avalanche off the side of a mountain, destroying everything in its path. There is the chance that the user can get caught in the avalanche as well.

- Ikiumeru no Jutsu (Alive Burial Technique)
Description: By performing a series of hand seals, the user can make the ground underneath the target come alive, and split open. The earth will swallow the target like quick sand, while a large gap is made to pull the target into. When the entire target is underground, the ground grows solid again; leaving the target buried alive underground.

Summoning:Wolf Pack
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Custom Summon Ability:
They're great hunters. Mia uses them to track down her bounties. These three wolves are very skilled in the art of chakra manipulation. They can, like ninja, walk up trees, increase their sences with chakra, and power their muscles with it. Only one of the wolves can talk, and that's Cain. He has coal black fur and blue eyes.

Bloodline: Demon Eye
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Named for it's dimonic apearance, the entire eye turns black. However it's not so much the eyes that have the ability so much as the mind. The user can hear other's thoughts only if they are making eye contact. The eyes turning black are just a side effect.
Many people fear this old bloodline, believing that the user was possessed by evil oni (demons.) It was thought that all of the clan was killed off in the middle of the night by fearful villagers. Aparently one child escaped and has grown into a beutiful young woman.

Character Description
Personality: She always gets what she wants, and what she wants is bounties and money. She's quick whit and is calm even in hectic situations. She prefers to be a lone wolf but is close to her wolves.
Mia's whole clan was assassinated in the middle of the night by fearful villagers. They feared her clan's bloodline, believing they were all possessed by evil oni. Mia escaped and ended up in the lap of a drunk ninja. Kai-sensei. Once he was sober and found out what happened, he took her in and raised her as his student and like a daughter. During her training with him, he gave her a summons. When she was 16, she left and became a bounty hunter. She's traveled only with her wolves and has made quite a name for herself in the bounty hunter world. Her armor and sword were bought from a continent far in the north. A ship that had been lost sold them to her for a very high price. The armor and sword are said to have been made from dragon bones (armor) and a dragon horn (sword) and that they can withstand any hit, no matter how sharp the blade or heavy the hammer.
Village: none yet.
Family Members: all dead
likes: Teriaki skewers, spring rolls, egg rolls, wolves, sexy guys, and peace and quiet every once and a while. She also loves art.
Dislikes: drunks
color: black, blue, and red (what most of her bounties look like when she's through with them)
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