RPC Name: Momo Takeshi
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Family: Normal
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Momo found him in an old abandoned shrine, starving and injured. She took care of him, and to repay her, he lets her summon him. Momo doesn't really know what he is, but she thought he was cute and made the pact with it. It's the only thing she can summon. She calls it 'Un' (pronounced 'oon.')

Un is able to hit things at lightning speed with those metal sticks on wires, which are just as efective as kunai. The wires can reach up to four feet. His other attack is summoning natural energy into a black orb, then throwing it at a target. It creates a large explosion that pushes everything away from whatever it hit and causing major damage. However it exhausts Un every time he uses it (can only be used once every three posts.) It's black wings give it the ability to fly, and only being one foot tall, it's hard to hit. Un understands english/japanese, but is unable to speek. He makes strange sounds and body motions to get his point across.

Un is very nice and patent. Though he has an extream fear of kids who chase after him if they arn't playing a game with him.