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My Art, Characters, and Random Life
I'm still trying to get things up on my computer.
User name: Alice5130

ninja Character name: Uchiha Kirie, formaly known as/or if I can't be an uchiha, Mitsigumi Kirie.

age: 18

element: fire and wind

Appearence:User Image
Long raven hair that reaches just past her shoulders and is usualy tied into a ponitail. She has onix eyes like most Uchiha. One her left shoulderblade is a black tatoo of a demonic batlike wing. She's about 5'4" and has pale skin. She usualy wears a blue, sleavles, low cut top with a black belt and black capries. She wears short blue ninja sanles and has bandages wraped around her arms from her wrists to just below her elbows. She has the common weapons pouch and kunai holster, but she also has a short blade katana straped to her back, leading from the left side of her waist to her right shoulder.

Bio: Though she didn't have the highest scores in the acadamy, she's very good at thinking outside the box and is quite a capable stratigest. Kirie's very stubburn and is usualy polite to strangers, however outside of battle she has a short attention span and doesn't like to be told what to do. Not to mention her rather scarry temper on the few ocasions where she's REALLY mad. Her mother, and her left to visit a family friend in a village in Thunder Country the three days before the massicre. They stayed there once they herd about it, changing their last name to stay safe for several years. However Kirie's mother died of illness when she was 15.She travled around aimlessly for 2 years, gathering information about the Akatsuki and Itachi (though she dosn't have much hatred for the man, even though he killed her father and clan members). Afterwards, she returned to her true home in Konoha to become a leaf ninja and to reclaim her title as an Uchiha. She gained the Sharingan when she was 11 and it already has three wheels (commas). She now has the perfect Sharingan.

2nd Character name (if any): Kyo or Kyo-kun (that's my cats name).

Relationship to your first chracter: ninja pet.

their color different from your own: Blue

Appearence::User Image
A rather small black cat. Kyo has bright orange/gold eyes which are almost always dialated. He wears a black collar with the Uchiha fan on the top.

element: fire

counrty/ village: Fire country.

Bio: Kyo was born in the Uchiha weapons facility, like most of the Uchiha's ninja cats. He's suprisingly full of wisdom and patience . . . something Kirie often lacks. He has a soft but deep voice, and isn't afraid to voice his opinion. His main fire attack causes his fur to come ablaze (without hurting him of corse), so he literaly becomes a flaiming hairball.

Clans you'd like to be apart of: Uchiha


User name: Mr Mule5130

ninja Character name: Leya (is now deseased)

age: 18

element: thunder and water

Appearence: Leya has curly golden blond hair that reaches her waist. She has electric blue eyes and rosy cheaks. She usualy wears a read tanktop with fishnet underneath. She often wears short black skirts with fishnet covering her legs. Her boots reach just below her knees, and are black with red strips on the top. On her back are two long steel polls with sharp points on both ends and red and black handles. Beware of these, because she'll charge them up with electricity, dealing a great deal of damage and more than often, paralizing her foe.

Bio: Don't ever let your guard down near this princess, for she's wrotten to the core . She'll say and do anything to get what she or her boss, the Raikage. She dosn't care who gets in her way, wether it be man, woman, or child. Her past is mostly unknown, except that she was abandoned in the woods, and was found by the Raikage. Since then, she has forced herself to become stronger, so she could be one of his personal bodyguards, so she knows quite a lot of secrets. She can become extreamly jelous of other women, and is a continuous flirt when she's near cute/hot guys. She is currently on an A-rank mission to capture Kirie Uchiha (alive). For some unknown reason, Leya has become somewhat aggressive towards the Fire Country. Will there be tension between Thunder and Fire in the future.

counrty/ village: Cloud, Lightning Country

ninja 2nd Character name (Yay! I got permission): Sakura Haruno

Age: I think she's 14 or 15

Relationship to your first chracter (other): These two have never met.

their color different from your own: Red

Appearence: User Image

element: Healing and (I guess) Earth

counrty/ village: Leaf, Fire Country

Bio: Sakura is a lot stronger emotionaly in Shippuuden than when whe was 12. She constantly beats up Naruto for his stupidity with her inhuman strenght, and she is a very skilled medic. She love Sasuke Uchiha with all her heart, eventhough he betrayed the village and broke her heart. Emotions and thought she dosn't say are usualy said (mentaly) by Inner-Sakura. Her catchphrase is "Cha!"


(I'll add more as soon as someone finds out about his past)

ninja Character name: Genji

Age: Unknown, but is over 600 years old.

Element: Unknown

Appearence: He is very tall and lanky. He wears a black cloth mask, that covers his whole head (it's secured so the wind dosn't blow it up and reveal him or anything like that), with the white bleedy/runny outline of a skull. His clothes are mostly black with bits of red and brown hear and there. His deep, emotionles voice can send chills up his opponent's spine. His weapon is round like a hoolahoop but it has kunai sticking out (kind of looks like a simple drawing of a sun but the sticks are kunai)

Bio: Not much is known about his past, but he serves his Master, Uchiha Mandara (not to mention he's still loyal to his first master, a godlike demon). No body has seen what his face looks behind his creepy mask, leaving his actual apperance, a mystery. As for personality...he acts polite but will not hesitate to kill you. And its not that he dosn't show his emotions, it just that he dosn't have emotions. He's like a doll that can think and move but not actualy exist. Many people believe that he isn't even human.He also eats souls, preferably those of children.

He told someone from the Akatsuki, that his first master created him, and that he (Genji) killed the Sage of the Six paths.

Genji has been working undercover in Storm because that was one of the places an Uchiha had escaped to during the massacre. Mandara wanted Genji to keep the Uchiha alive for later use. He resently killed Leya and the Raikage. He also has a kekke genkai that can control people and lend them some of his chakra, though its full abilities are unkown.

Country/village: Rain and Storm. He used to live in some unkown location before the countries and villages were even formed.


User name: Zetsu_8_me

ninja Character name: Uzumaki Naruto

age: 15

element: Wind

User Image

Bio: You should all know it. His newest rasengan is the windmill rasengan. It uses wind element, but does fatle damage to Naruto.

counrty/ village: Konoha, Fire Country

User Image
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Sun Sep 14, 2008 @ 02:17pm


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