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Thoughts of an Orphan
The AMR (Advanced Machine Revolution) 8/06/2009
This is what is currently happening in my role-play:

The Advance Machine Revolution (AMR):::

Ratt9, Flarex34, and Sakonon were against the Dwarf Gekkos and other machines designed by Christopher Garcia. The military got a hold of the blueprints and built them, except even worse. These are called Gekkos.

“we are fighting to stop the machines from producing warheads,” says Flarex34.

Stealth tactics operative reinforced mercenary= S.T.O.R.M shadow (Flarex34)

Abebi Intelligence=Ratt9 (me)

The Riff Master=Caylyn (sakonon)

150,000 gekkos are against the three of us
About 200 D. Gekkos

The military wants to show that they can rule a huge amount of land by defeating the most powerful forces.

PMC=uses advanced technology; people who are on machine’s side.destroy all who stand in way or disobey their leaders. Includes robots. Included in TUFOM. Advanced soldiers.

Rebels: Fight for power. The other side. If they manage to defeat the PMC they will destroy their tight Security. The one who defeats the PMC becomes King. Standard soldiers.

Silent Killers: Us. Want to destroy PMC.

TUFOM: The United Force of Machines. And the whole PMC units and machine units. They are in the war to show who is better.

We have the advantage because the other teams don’t know about us.
We are in a fight to stop technology from taking over. And to stop the rebels from destroying what’s left.

S.T.O.R.M shadow—the team’s gunman and second in command
UGO: Unidentified ground object

Railgun: Fires electricity at speed of light

We are against::
Crying Wolf: Machine with Rail gun. Very smart.
Frog: A machine in the shape of a man. er
Gekko: A two legged machine with a gun on the top.
D. Gekko: (Dwarf Gekko) A mini version of a Gekko.

On our side::
DSI: A transformed robot who has a habit of ordering pizza from mass-murderers.
Windbreaker: A gekko that is on our side.

General: Abebi Intelligence/Ratt9. Weapon: Sword. Special: Fire. Gender: Female.

Gunman(s): S.T.O.R.M shadow/Flarex34. Weapon: Gun. Special: Darkness. Gender: Male.

Undercover(s): Dust/TeNinjaTina. Weapon: Sword. Special: Lightning. Gender: Female.

Healer(s): The Riff Master/Sakonon. Weapon: none. Special: Wind. Gender: Female.

Offensive: NONE


...to be finished soon...

I am currently working on an official AMR website. I will post the address once it is completed.


We’re talking about when we met and you say it was easier to fall for me thinking (I'll remember this pause) it was likely I’d be dead by now.


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