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Confused Time

What to do? I've never dreamt like this about a person before... ;~;
Neither strangers nor buddies, what dangerous feelings am I harbouring?
Though, I know it's not like you're the enemy... I still feel this foreboding weight on my back.

(Have you never liked anyone?)


Why would I want you that close?
Why would I want to frolic like stupid monkeys with you?
How could I even picture you without a shirt? -twitch-
What's wrong with me? I don't understand this...
I mean, I'm not stupid...
I know that dreaming a suggestive scene and enjoying it points to attraction.
But I don't understand, still--
Why him? It's not like he's my type... is he? o.o;;
He has curly, sandy-blond hair.
I thought I didn't like curly hair b/c my brother, dad, and uncle have it. e.o;;
He's short, too. At most, he's not taller than me... xD;
I'm not sure, but I think he has grey-blue eyes, too.
And though he's been in deep s**t before, he has a gentle/lazy look around them.
Well, ********.
-covers face with hands-

(Have you never been attracted to somebody before?)


It was only a one-time thing, right?
(why do i feel like i've seen it before, then. (;°A°) )
I may never have the dream again!
Maybe it was just a mood-swing, and
he was the first thing that popped into mind!
-hits head against desk-
Why... why... why...

(Make up your mind--are you in denial, or just really stupid?)


When I was in school, I had a bit of a hard time, but I mostly just tried to ignore it all...
Rumours of me being a lesbian, because I didn't show attraction to any boys at school.
(Little did they know I am a better actor than they give me credit for...)
Of course, most people don't know about my love life (yes, i had one 9_9).
It's kinda embarrassing, because I've had two boyfriends in my whole life...
The first I met on the internet... he got angry and I fled.
(We'd exchanged texts and talked on msn for hours everyday...)
The second liked to tease me and invade my personal space, but he wasn't entirely bad...
(I know it was me who broke it off, but I was the one crying after. x.x -headdesk- weak.)

(Have you ever been scared of getting close to boys? @_@)


I'm not sure if I do like him.
I think it may just be physical attraction...
I mean, I do like his personality.
He's kind, and the way he does things makes him seem relaxed/unperturbed all the time...
His voice reflects that, too--that lazy... lilt, to his tone.
(Who knew such a short guy could have a low voice? XD;)
Then again, he is a pothead.

(But that last bit aside--dangerous feelings? ^u^ I think so!)

"Close the distance, I dare you. *w*"
"But what if a monster's on the other side?"
"You lived a full life. Now come hither~♥"

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