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A Story | Secret Gallery | First Crow
[Story/Fanfiction?] Following on the Lam ; Suivant En Fuite
This story could be labelled as a fan fiction, I guess. It will borrow lots of elements from Gaia Online, making it thus. (AU?)
Centering around dismal heroine Crow, (my first-ever self-insertion, yay egoism...) the protagonist eventually right away meets up with a potential love interest whom irrevocably chains their futures together in a dumbass move that saves her. The two need to deal with the adventure that is their new life... however awkward it may be, being strangers and all.
I'm attempting another romance story, but this time I'm trying a less abstract approach--> Meaning I'm going to neither rhyme, use as much clichés, nor am I going to use such a wild/alice-in-wonderland kind of plot. I'm also not going to take this too seriously, so that I enjoy simply writing whatever the hell I feel like for once instead of what I think would sound better to impress an audience.

A preordained melancholy pace had been set long before Crow had put on her sandals that evening. Her hair, long as her ambling legs, in contrast to her pace flapped restlessly like the wild pair of wings on a black bird. Yet, trudging forward in a stumbling rage with no purpose other than to move out of the way of the self of a second ago... Crow was here, walking. Not running, she asserted voicelessly, not that I can, her inner pessimist reminded herself. And her horrible expression glared a murderous red against the arid, blue-grey world. If those eyes could only reach beyond the obscuring shadow of her tousled (yet usually, meticulously straight) fringe, those beastly eyes could carve open a boar with their lurid animosity.

Get out. Get out. Get out. Get out.

But with the setting eve dawned a storm, and from there the agitated clouds spat hail on the exposed skin that could not be held under the trembling umbrella. That mangled contraption was grabbed as Crow had been--and still was--blindly pushing her way out into the foggy mess of her world. Sandals had been shoved on, barely even grasping her feet as she slipped wordlessly out of the household. She should've grabbed boots or at least runners, but her mind had already been lost to a furious case of insanity by then.

His angry, plastered face and revolting breath flashed before her mind's eyes, clouding her way. Her feet seemed to trace a path it walked before, so with an unstable state of mind she indulged in the reflection... and the self-pity that followed.

You're always a dead weight! 'Side from school, you never come out of that room of yours... to socialize, and never go out, work... you don't do anything!

His red face leaned down to hers, and she restrained herself from reacting to his tirade. Father simply was yelling because he was drunk, and in their little dysfunctional family, Crow happened to be the annoyingly shy one that didn't like to talk. This wasn't unexpected. She realized that she pretty much brought this upon herself, actually.

Like a stranger! You- Do you understand what I'm saying?

This wasn't news. She understood how depressing of a person she was. Being polite and sensitive to other people wasn't enough sometimes to cover up the fact that one was bad interacting with other people. Just nod, ignore him, and maybe he'll go away; follow his own advice.

. . .

If he had decided to leave then, she should have had just enough control to not do something degrading like yelling or breaking down. I want to be the adult in this situation, was a mantra in her thoughts.

No, I don't think you do...

Obviously she wasn't going to have it so easy.

Her mom might find his rugged and foreign face attractive, but she always found Father disgusting. With his prickly, unshaven mug contorting in a scary manner down at her, she only saw the monster that ruined everything.

And once he was satisfied with the raw emotion she displayed, he left his teenager with no heart to fight anymore. Crow had always been truly an awkward and lonely thing, but it wouldn't go to say that she hadn't attempted to get her family to notice that something was wrong. She fought in her own way. But there was nothing left in her anymore to use to fight this oppressive force that had put a dark curtain over her family. Life would go on as it always did--Crow would bleed on command as useless as always, that repulsive man under the guise of her blood would ******** her mom, her incestuous older brother would dismiss this after a while when she came back from her walk, her crafty twin sister would continue to selfishly manipulate others to get what she wanted...

"Gods, save me now!" cried Crow, "I'm drowning in sin!"

Under one out of a grove of trees under the moon, in a park in a hailstorm that showed no signs of stopping, a teenager with no clue where she was supposed to go curled up shivering in a shitty umbrella and sandals. Having lost her mind, Crow consequently froze to death.

Her family was supposed to have followed her.

That who actually found her was not someone she would recognize.

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