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A Story | Secret Gallery | First Crow
[Story/Fanfiction] Following on the Lam -3- Suivant En Fuite
or part two of chapter two, because chapter two was too short...
"Girl, allow me show you a Gaia!"

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The demon crow that had found Crow was rather young and impulsive. It hadn't even passed its second decade, yet it had the nerve to already be flying alone out into a human settlement. But damn it, I really wanted to fly! At the very least, it could've made sure to go at night when all the annoying human children were asleep. This demon may have been... prey to its whims more often than not, and much younger than its senpai-tachi, but was a warrior for the clan already! Well, maybe only a candidate warrior at this time, but still a warrior at heart!

Anyway, I'm mature enough to make my own decisions, the bird had dismissed doubts with this in mind.

But as it perched on a low tree branch, staring down at the pneumatic (dying) human with confusion at its true form and yet with panic at the sense of a dying comrade... Suddenly, it wasn't so sure whether being out here was a good idea or not. Its feelings a mess, the young warrior couldn't rely on its impulses anymore.

Yet it needed to make an adult decision all of a sudden---save the human (or crow spirit?) and take on the responsibility for its life, or abandon it and return home with clean hands? Could it ignore this reckless night, with the knowledge of this death on its conscience?

And if the demon decided to save the human, how would it even do so? The girl looked far too gone, and far too fragile for any help it had the ability to give.

Thoughtfully, the crow leapt from its perch and fluttered gracefully to the ground. As soon as it touched the ground, its wings' mass multiplied in size and encased it in a large container of feathers. When it pulled away its long appendages, a different form under the wings revealed itself.

A boy? It's definitely a he. But that wasn't entirely truthful. Though there was no one there to see... The giant wings were still there, if only folded up. A close look at the boy's mussed and dark strands as well would show a strange sight of sharp white horns peeking out at the top-back of his head. They weren't particularly long, but contrasted greatly against his mop of black hair...

He frowned as he knelt in front of the girl. Slowly, warily, he reached a hand out to the human's face. This was his first time meeting a human. She didn't look harmful, but he'd heard pretty gnarly rumours concerning interaction with them. Stuff like that particular scary story about damnation that batty mothers told their (naturally) malleable children about didn't help much. But as the boy had looked upon her as a crow before, he had felt a palpitating feeling in his chest. Something told him now that it wasn't fear at all, but compassion.

Her soul reading came out similar to his own kind, but she seemed human...? What was she, why was she dying here? With meagre clothing, sandals, and a shitty umbrella, this long-haired pale female would freeze to death if she didn't get medical attention. That kind of death was something he decided then that he didn't feel like dooming her to, as he touched his hand to her--

Yet he pulled away in shock! Literally! As soon as his hand had touched her forehead, a brief pulse of electricity ran through them both! The girl started and lifted her head blearily to him. He stiffened at her gaze and they simply stared at each other for an indeterminable amount of time.

That is, until her will gave out and she passed out. He cursed at his bad timing, and tried to recall something in his hazy memory from that dull healing prerequisite class. The only thing that struck his mind was something that wasn't really supposed to be taught in that class...

"Prof, in your opinion, what's the ultimate healing technique?" A student had asked.

Their professor had answered somewhat irritably, "I am your Professor, and if I had to be honest, I would answer the Tama Chain technique. But you didn't hear that from me, understood?" The middle-aged woman hadn't looked at the class while she had said this. "No more questions."

"How do you do... make a... Tama Chain?"

"No more-"

But a student had interjected with "Ahem. 'Oh, see how unfair it sits, that my love rejects me for Miss Big Ti--'"

A loud bang had echoed throughout the classroom as the tomato-fleshed woman had cut through the sentence by slamming her unnecessarily overweight textbook on her desk. Furious, but scared to have any more of her diary's deep secrets revealed, she had reluctantly told them a little bit.

"Tama Chain is not exactly a healing technique. It is very dangerous as well, so I advise you not to do it. If your clans found out I've been teaching your airheaded minds about this risky material, they would de-feather me...

Ahem. As it goes, through an oath of love and devotion (as for example a kiss), coupled with a timed emission of energy, a bond is made that supersedes any I know your feeble minds can think of. It's the best at healing because this bond makes the clearest passage to push one's life energy through."

He bit his tongue, reminding himself that he didn't really want to do this. But at the same time, if a kiss was all it took to save a life... His facial features tensed as he breathed in once, then completely blanked as he breathed out.

"I swear myself to you." In one swift movement, he pressed his lips against hers.

How d'you like me now, reaper?

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