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A Story | Secret Gallery | First Crow
Crow Doesn't Like Shoes, But Anyway...
Step for a minute in my shoes.

To know me, to be me, you have to know my quirks as well as the way I think...

1) Have a secluded, pleasant air around you when you're walking alone in public. Hum a little (it can be a sad song), once in a while do little rushed hops forward even if there's no reason to (I walk slow, so I call my 'catch-up run' hopping), or sing under your breath to a song on the mp3. If you don't feel like being pleasant, pretend to.

2) When sneezing, follow up instinctively with "HOI!" It's a meaningless habit (really, I have no idea where it came from) that I can't break. I'll be like "Haa-ha-ACHEWWW~~~hoi, stupid sneeze!" ( ._.)|||

3) Stash (foreign language) dictionaries in your purse/backpack. It's really annoying when the thought "what does that mean in -suchandsuch- language?" incessantly floods your brain. Primary choices usually French, Japanese, German, or English.

4) Go into a daze whenever thinking about じゃっく (Jack). His voice~~ He should really go pro, if he hasn't already~~ Listening to his voice makes me:
" -happy sigh- >////< Jaaaaaaaackkk <3 "
We all have our music idols. So what if mine is just some Japanese boy I don't even know with a gorgeous voice that sings cover songs of random stuff? -another dreamy sigh; big smile- C: Really, he has such control over his voice, as an amateur musician I can't help but adore him~ His cover of 千年の独創歌 ("Thousand Year Solo Song"; sennen no dokusou uta) was so BEAUTIFUL that I cried.
Sorry, I ranted. whee Hyaa~ Now I'm embarrassed!

5) "ちょっ!Cho!" This probably sprung up from learning Japanese. I should be ashamed of myself. I sound lame. I suppose it came from saying "Chotto!!" too much. I don't know how this could've happened! (Note that I just contradicted myself.) Now whenever I'm surprised, it slips out. Even more shameful, I like saying it... So, say it.
"Ch-cho! ********, don't do that! You scared me."

6) Other weird sounds you should know of:
arrow "Hwe?" and alternatively "Hwa?" It's like saying "Wha?"
arrow "Hé~" Stretch the "ehhh" sound out, and tilt your head a degree right. Yup, you look like a confused dumbass person. My sister says it's creepy, but I still sometimes do it. Try laughing like that, lol. (No, I don't laugh like that. gonk )
arrow "Hyaa." I've used this before in this post. It indicates an incredible amount of pleasure that I can't contain. redface

7) Be cunning, observant of people, maybe slightly manipulative. Just because I'm a nice person that's easily walked all over, doesn't mean I'm not cunning. I'm thinking about my current situation all the time, and what my next move should be. I'm incredibly self-aware and self conscious. That's because I have undiagnosed chronic depression and paranoia.

いじょうだ。That's all.

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