* out in the wayyy across grimmjow was sitting next
to schiffer.* ok.. so we r here. u see them?
yes.... i see the blonde one. * sees them kissing but
doesnt give an emotion* let them enjoy their last kiss. * sorta smiles*
u just want to see the movie?
so? i like the red head. hush! * grimmjow
rolls eyes.* i know their.. trash....
...... you morons, "replies a girl next to them" they're weak we should go after them , "points to renji,rukia,ichigo,uyruu, and shuuhei"

* he glares at lucia.* go with the plan. stop disopaing my orders.
lucia can u be a sweetheart give some more
soda?? * grimmjow so wickdly loves to tease lucia.*

hmm thats funny, when was i lower rank then you , "smirks" don't you remember i took the place of whoever had the rank of being the 5th espada when he died, so since your lower in rank why not you go and get ulquiorra and i sodas "smiles evilly"
WHAAATT! * grimmjow almost yells* scream
* smirks* u heard her. cool * grimmjow mutters
cuzz words and stomps to get sodas*
now that.. beast is out of the way... we need to get moving. the
movie finishes in 20 min. * he looks at the screen. he looked like he
had puppy eyes for sec*
i still think we should go after them "points once again at ichigos group, they were the ones who killed some of the espada. if i remember right it was your plan that got them killed -_-.
* looks at lucia* alright. * stands up and his eyes glow*
lets crash this theater.
* ulquiorra shoots a cero on the screen. the people scream and evacute. ichigo and
the others jump off their seats and run down stairs and look what was that
explosion from*
why is he wearing human clothes?
* i roll my eyes at renji* ur such an idoit!

"Karushi and hanatarou have stopped kissing and are now hiding behind the seats"
you were right hanatarou...they were here! ......
i TOLD YOU!! come on!!! we cant let them see us hiding here!
* ulquiorra seees him and hana takes a breath*
u two... any last words... i didnt think so...* shoots a cero*
KARUSHI COME ON! * hana quickly gets up and
grabs her hand. running fastly to the others*
* just when everyone wanted to go 4 the exist grimmjow
had 2 sodas* ohhh.... welll well well!! * he wanted to laugh but we knocked him
down when we all ran. it was funny to watch*
u fool! * shoots a cero up the ceiling and flys up*
there they r.. lucia go after them.

.....ok "rolls her eyes and after them"
* kurosaki sees lucia and does a flash step right in front
of her by taking her by suprise, he pushes her roughly against the wall*
who the hell are you?
Why do you care? you should be asking what your 2 friends were doin in the back of the theatre. "grabs ichigo by the arm and throws him against one of the seats '
"shoots a cero blast at him and runs out the door stepping on grimmjow who is trying to get off the floor"
* grimmjow grabs her ankle before she ran* okay... *he says
with a weakly grin and messed up hair* lets go!!!! * he goes with her*
* ichigo stands up and gets in his bankai form chases them*
* mean while, when ulquiorra trashed the thearter
he was out side fighting the others. hanatarou almost got his head cutt off
but luckily renji blocked it.*
..... have any last words? "appears behind you"

yea want pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * throws lucia pizza and runs. renji looks
at me and yells i cant believe u just did that! *
RUKIA OUT OF MY WAY!!! * he says and goes after her*
lucia... how dare u let that shinigami do that. * he sighs*
tsh! they call me moron! * he rolls eyes*
FIRST OF ALL"flash steps right in front of ulquiorra," I was hit in the face with this ! how was i suppose to know that she had some type of food , second why did you give me that look in the theater, when he was getting those sodas? "points at grimmjow" and third ....it's ANA LUCIA you knw that in this world if you call them by their name it means you like them "takes the pizza and smashes it onto ulquiorra's face "all grimjow can see of his face is the circular crust of the pizza"
he takes the pizza off and cleans hisself so camly he didnt'even
look pissed off.* please... i couldnt understand ur monkey trash langauge.
do us all a favor. u have orders. get them down and then get the hell out.
* he flicks her nose and flashes to ichigo.*
HAHAAAA!!!! * grimmjow cracks up*
U GOT TOLD!!!!!! u actually look pretty sexy with cheese on ya.
* he snickers*
what are you laughing about? "kicks grimmjow in the head"
your plan is going to fail AGAIN , ulquiorra
HEY! .... let me kiss u. * he grabs her chin. teasing again*
i want some of that cheese!
* looks at them* this why it fails.
.... who says its gonna fail the next time... this is only the 2 part.
the 3rd ... its where it will get extremely.. *stops talking* just go..
* he fights ichigo and rukia, shuhei , karushi make a plan*

"Shows no emotion" in your dreams moron "kicks him in the nuts"
rukia maybe if we ..... use these"pulls out a big bag of marbles" i think these will work , theydon't know what they are and they mightkeep falling ..
"ana lucia walks to ulquiorra's side" i'm not the reason we fail

EXCELLENT! lets see this hollows fall. u know what to do.
* the plan is set up. rukia and shuhei have marbles too. they wait till
karushi gives the signal*
god....dd..dd..damn.. DAMN IT! * hes in pain, stands*
what the hell! all of the woman are just like damn LOLLY!
* he mutters* look at this one? puting her finger nails all over ulquiorra!
just like damn lolly and her slut friend melody. * thinks of them flirting
with aizen*
i know.. * he says calmy to her* i know your not.
" allthe espada& arrancaras notice that i haven't fallen, especially ulquiorra and grimmjow" i pitty you ,points to ulquiorra and laughs cruelly" and im definitely not going to help you especially YOU , "ulquiorra finally manages to get up"
i liked you better when you were on the ground , "lolly is now clinging to grimmjow"

what the f**k are you talking about?? * he asks bored and
rolls eyes.* beats me! hey aizen picked up a werido.
* they both go out and are in the sky to check on the shinigami*
where r they?
i bet their hiding. or waiting to attack. * they both ingore
funnyliy at lucia's threat*
ok you don't take me seriously kicks him causing him fall back down with the rest of them (has the same type of kick ulquiorra has) , i warned you but did you listen no"teases him about falling down again

* ichigo looks up*
hey guys.. looks to me their betraying one another.
if they r... ulquiorra is going to win. he is th 4th.
more the best then they r. * says to ichigo*
ulquiorra quickly grabs her hair. tangles it in his arm
like knott. he holds her head close to his lips. he holds her other arm with
so much grip*
just wat do u intend to do? why r u acting like trash. i dont need another
problem. * looks at grimmjow. grimmjow face is straight*

"finally falls when he grabs her hair, she ends up fallng untop of him" i intended to make sure i wouldn't fall so at least someone could stop the shinigami i was hoping that everyone would figure it out, but they didn't... why does that matter to you?

* he loses a little on her head. gently speaks. his eyes glued to hers*
it matters everything. even one little..thing.. matters.. such as you for instence.
* he sighs.* come on..

* grimmjow cant see where the 2 are because of the big fall*
son ofa.. where the hell are those 2!!!
grimmjow! *ichigo attacks him*
i matter to you in what way"as grimmjow fights ichigo he sees that i'm on top of ulquiorra"
* he looks at her for a moment.* ur.. u. ur
mine. my solider. what am i to you? * he whispers velvet.*

*grimmjow yells in an echo while fighting kurosaki. kurosaki was beating him*

gets alittle closer to his face " ulquiorra, do you truly mean this with the truth or have you said this to any other person who lives in hueco mundo?
do you think i'm aweful?... 'still on top of each other,with all the marbles around them"
* he feels her hair a little and whispers* i mean what i mean.
if i didnt i wouldnt be this close. no... ur not awful.. i am.
* he sits a little and she ends up a little in his strong chest*

true... is it wrong that we're showing strong emotions for each other ulquiorra?
could you let go off my hands? "is looking straight into hi eyes"
"grimmjow is creating a yelling fit , ichigo just stands there watching him"
of course. * he lets go and stands*
mmm... well looks to me that u for fit

..... "looks at grimmjow, " WILL YOU SHOUT UP" "Shoots a cero blast at him which almost hits him" 'pushes ulquiorra back down onto the ground and falls back on top of him"places her hands on his shoulders" is it wrong that we're showing strong emotions for each other ulquiorra?
* he gets close to her ear and has a nice whisper*
why dont you read my mind...*he sits a little*

hmm i like the sound of that . "ichigo watches as grmmjow stands there swearing up a storm"
* blinks and stands* come on now.. i want to leave.
*he flashes and suddelny grabs him and takes him and her back to huceo mundo*
we win again whooo! * rukia yells*
* mean while*
grimmjow u know i dont like being grabbed....

"watchs grimmjow and ulquiorra"

UR SUCH A S**T!!! * he looks at lucia* UR SUCH A W***E!
* he looks at schiffer*
ah... yippie-aya- yay?? * he says bored. grimmjow snarls
and leaves when they enter the castle.*
im going to my room and get peace!!!! * he stomps*
well that takes care of him. * he puts his hands in his pockets*
we didn't do anything that involves physical contact sexually so the names he called us are very invalid -_-. yeah that did
sexuallity.. * he sighs* well he does get angry.. hes a mutt.
now that we are here.. i guess i should go then.. * he looks at her then walks*
"waves " ...... "turns to go then sees grimmjow" O-0
* he waves slowly*
yesss?? whats up! * he asks while he's laying on his bed
without a shirt*