• You make me want to scream my head off.
    I do not like you.
    You are the cause to the fire in my eyes.
    These flames of revolution are being flamed.

    I do not like you.
    Every bone in my body does not like you.
    You put all your eggs in one basket.
    You expect me to give it all up.

    Do not expect me to fall for your charm.
    I do not care how my garden is ripe.
    I refuse to pick out of it right now.
    That is way too fast.

    Do not talk down to me.
    I am not a little kid.
    You should know by now that I am a woman.
    I do not like you.

    Just go away.
    Stop kissing my butt.
    You think I will let you in my front door.
    Do not show up on my stoop.

    I do not like you.
    I do not like you.
    Get this fact through your thick skull.
    Why do you want me so much anyway?

    I am not that young girl you met ages ago.
    I have grown.
    I have left many a fool behind.
    I am not mad.

    I do not know why you chase your tail so.
    Are you up for fighting?
    We are always up for fighting for anything.
    Are we not?
    Well, you can quit fighting for me.

    Leave me to dwell within myself.
    I will remain like this for the rest of my days.
    My words make no sense.
    I realize that.
    It is up to you to bring these words to life.

    I leave the meaning up to your heart.
    Just know that I do not like you.
    I do not like you.
    Stop trying to strip yourself of who you are.
    I am not compatible.
    You must be sick in the head to get with me.

    I am not going to wash your laundry.
    I am not going to feed you.
    Do not make me.
    I will not have your baby either.

    I do not like you.
    What will it take for you to know this?
    Stop shredding yourself of who you are.
    It is for my sake I know.
    This is nonsense.

    My words are usually far and few.
    However, these words have been brought to my heart.
    I do not like you.
    Quit trying to get me.

    You are constantly chasing your thoughts.
    Chase them down with some alcoholic beverage instead.
    I do not like you.
    Why do you keep chasing?
    Go take a chill pill.

    You think that you know me.
    I think that you are dead wrong.
    I do not like you.
    I am not at all like you think I am.
    I am not easy.
    You are not easily chased off.
    I do not like you.
    That is all there is to it.