• Some of you may think I am that same person.
    That same person from high school or from college,
    The one who was so naive.
    No, I am not.

    Some of you may think I married a black man.
    Some of you may think I had his baby.
    Some of you may think I am super sexually active.

    Some of you may think I am pregnant again.
    Some of you may think I have four children.
    When will it ever end?
    This cycle of gossip needs to stop.

    Gossip is only as good as gossip gets you into trouble.
    Gossip is gossip.
    Gossip is harmful.
    Do not gossip.

    I am not some dumb little girl.
    I am told I was seen at this time and at this place.
    No, I was not there and not at that time.
    Stop the gossip.

    I do not care who you are.
    I do not care where you are in life.
    Gossip is gossip whether it is out of harm or out of concern.
    Do not stick your nose in my business.
    You are not helping.

    I do not know who you think you are.
    Stop talking about me.
    Stop this cycle.
    It is not right.

    The cycle of gossip is harmful no matter what.
    I am not the painted picture in your mind.
    I am not someone to be messed with so.
    I am who I am, and I am no one else.

    Let us get one thing clear now.
    The gossip you take such pride in is incorrect.
    I am not that person.
    I am my own person.
    I am who I make myself out to be.

    I refuse to cave on this matter.
    I have nothing against anybody.
    Just stop the chain of gossip.
    The person you have in mind is someone else entirely.

    Do not get me wrong on this.
    It is not for you to decide.
    It is for me to decide.
    Shall I glue your lips shut for all of eternity?

    God will see what you are doing.
    God considers what it is that you are saying.
    Speaking so ill of another is harmful.
    Speaking so ill of another destroys.

    Stop trying to make me into this person.
    I have painted my own person.
    I know who I am.
    I know what I am.
    Do not try and destroy the person in front of you.

    You all are blind.
    You all ache far too much for an earful.
    It gets your heart racing.
    The drama of someone else’s life is not for your story.

    I have my own things to bring forth into this world.
    I am not on my own planet.
    I am not going crazy.
    It is you who keeps making up what you wish.
    Gossip gets you stitches in the end.

    I know of your jealousy.
    I know you wish for my slow and agonizing demise.
    Do not try and cut me down.
    You will never win over on me.