• She listens to the soft breeze,
    To the tree leaves rustling in the wind.
    She listens to the cars passing by,
    To the unfamiliar voices around her.

    In this moment in time, she feels lost.
    In this moment, she is helpless.
    In this moment, she is gone.

    She looks to the sky,
    Wondering about her hometown.
    She looks at her watch,
    Counting how much time has passed.

    In this moment, she feels safe,
    In this moment, she is home.

    She closes her eyes and breathes in fresh air,
    Comparing it to the polluted oxygen back home.
    She smells the mountains, the trees, and everything in between,
    Feeling thankful for where she is now.

    This is the girl who left.

    She misses home like crazy,
    And never goes a day without calling.

    She wonders about her family,
    Her friends, and her dog.

    She thinks about her daddy,
    And prays for him alone.

    She hears whispers of her mother,
    Crying all alone.

    This is the girl who left,
    And what she thinks of,
    Now that she’s gone.

    She loves her friends and family,
    And all of their flaws.
    She’s even forgiven her daddy,
    For all that he’s done wrong.

    The girl who left,
    Has gone with more strength than she had known.
    She’s got a stubborn heart, that seems to always grow.

    Her smile almost makes one hurt,
    Being warm and full of life,
    Even with all the pain that tears bring out at night.

    The girl who left is kind,
    Yet hasn’t met a friend.

    She smiles every day,
    Hoping someone will want in.

    She’s glad that she got out,
    Of a rotten little town.
    But wonders if she’s missed,
    Only then does she frown.

    She’s worked so hard to be free,
    To get away.
    But what she wonders now,
    Is if she’s missing out.

    She loves the life she’s building,
    And never questions her choice,
    But will always wonder
    If she had a voice