• my life has gone far from where i started a home
    off to foreign lands where love has gone into others and they left it with me, to the home stead where i am no longer welcome, i move to another city where i try to build a new, broken and destroyed but i will not let my self, i stand up from bloody knees and broken hand as i mend my heart and fix my mind. like the evolution of man i pick myself up and stand up straight, my head, i've come up for far from the boy i was. my minds still broken from the life ive lived, but i hope it lets my hart love again, i try to live but they both clash, like the plates beneath our feet they cant meet on even ground. the struggle to human as a broken bot cant comply, the ones and zeros i speak mean nothing when emotions are involved. ill still stand proud and human as i can but ill hide in the dark where Faust really truly lies