• Cold i guess is the description of all that i have been feeling
    happiness and sadness became guilt
    love and hate along many others, numbness keeps on stealing

    i want to feel again without making my heart bleed
    turn on that song and the words i can hardly heed
    i need something to give my heart light again
    im too closed off for love and my heart is scratching at the door
    i want it again i want amor

    but this world is a tragedy i feel its pain alone
    why in the bloody universe cant i feel my own!
    war and blood of humanity
    that is what is killing me
    my present state of my mind, for the work day time to time
    no look for love, or my friend lost his heart
    im sorry buddy but this world is being torn apart

    it feels so heartless to neglect my life
    when i am so focused on the worlds strife
    so i guess no love for me
    though its scratching at the door
    its wants to be free
    it wants Amor(love)