• They are scary

    By Krista Clifton

    They slowly lose their minds.
    They attack and torture their own kind.
    Sharp eyes, stern faces, and strong arms.
    So willing to take the life of innocents.
    Mommy they are scary.
    They rip at those who are different.
    Different skins, different furs, different traits.
    Just for the hell of it.
    With no concern for anyone other than themselves.
    Mommy they are scary.
    They destroy the land they crawl on.
    Staining the earth with innocent blood.
    And walking over those who are weaker.
    To them they are the only thing that matters.
    Mommy they are scary.
    They fear me though.
    My eyes, my claws, my jaw.
    They fear my long snout and pointed ears.
    Yet they cause more damage.
    Mommy ?
    Did you know?
    Humans are scary