• Falling tears and echoing steps
    Overwhelm the silence of a gentle breeze.
    The sight of hot tempered anger,
    Drowns into empty, clouded eyes.
    The scars of payback,
    Are used to stitch up older wounds.
    A sigh with a weight unknown,
    As another love confession is rejected.

    I reflect back to the days
    Of the first spark of hope.
    A candle's flame to keep warm,
    The constant night at bay.
    But carelessness snuffed it out,
    The punishment, i forced my own.

    "I'm sorry, by being with me,
    You will only be hurt.
    So it is best to keep you from
    A greater pain.
    Grieve and cry and hate,
    This will end soon and be forgotten.
    You'll move on and find another.
    But i will mark your broken feelings
    Upon myself and bear it henceforth.
    This is my punishment."

    A rasp crackle of your voice whispers
    A response that i cant allow.
    In place of your voice,
    The finishing sentence is given.
    "I'm sorry, but I can no longer trust
    Anyone enough to love them."