• I caught a glimpse of a hazy light illuminating the room.
    My eyes fluttered, and I burrowed deep into the blankets.
    I groaned as I desperately wanted to sink into my dreamland.
    Take me, oh, please take my to my fantasy world.
    Where I can float mid-air, swiftly through the clouds and feel the touch of his hands on me.
    With his fingers guiding the sweet sensation all over my body, as if he knows a secret map of me.
    And a rich smokey taste that evaporates me completely into ecstasy.
    And his eyes, oh his eyes, piercing through my hollow self as if somehow bringing me to sanity again.
    Under his control we move in a boundless rhythm.
    The windows are blurred, and the light becomes fazed.
    And me eyes blink as I smile, and he says,
    "I love you, my dork."