• inside it felt like i wanted to scream and cry !!!!! ugh
    i saw him witth another girl and it hurt
    i looked with tears and he saw me see him
    sad face rushed on his face
    she turned arond
    "who is she" she said he got up and walked to me and kissed me
    "no f---- u damian i hate u why im pregnant with yo kid f--- u" i said the girl came closer laughing and he got on one knee and held my hand
    "let go of me im leaving "i said "come" said the girl " who the f--- you talking to b***** why is you even still here " i said as i started to grab my hand away from his to hit her
    but my family came around and so was his
    and i mean EVERYBODY
    "huh" i said
    "breanna im sorry i just wanted to surprise u best breanna .... i love u and nothing can show that but a big ring on ur finger and i been saving for it .. your so beautiful and sppecail and i want you in my life breanna will you marry me ?
    damian said
    "oh my god yes baby yesss" i said he put the ring on my finger and i smiled everyone cheered and then i beat him up
    dont ever scare me like that again smile