• With a whisper in my ear I became stunned at the sight of the golden light.
    The rays of sunlight enveloped me like a fiery hug
    His warm hands crossed over his possession,
    And, his eyes gleamed with a grin.
    His straw hands chaffed the wonders and desires from my skin.
    His aroma puffed out like a tangled mess of charcoal.
    With every arising smoke,
    With every breathe,
    Every puff,
    I became breathless.
    Engulfed by greed and lust, the sunshine became my darkness.
    While his hairs grew over the belief of his victory,
    While he transformed into the creature of his desires
    He howled against the moonlight.
    As he claimed his freedom and power
    He became Alpha.
    His body and head expanded,
    But his mind remained hollow.
    An onyx-wolf from the shadows rose in superiority and faced it’s once devotee.
    I stood with the moon with my silhouette of a werewolf
    And illuminated brighter than the sun ever had as my once beloved.