• Extraterrestrial audacity so foreign to the degree of blasphemy,
    Explosion, murder, then a trans-dimensional catastrophe,
    Universe big bangin' as if it was just now happening,
    Destroy the human being within so an alien can start fastening,

    The galaxy is smoke inside of my head forgotten about,
    Breathe it in and blow out; it's the wish from a candle,
    These stars twinkle like the dreams I used to be able to reach,
    but now they've dimmed to a pain that's impossible to handle,

    I'm surrounded by white trash with some prejudice influenced ones too,
    Here I am walking a road alone because I correctly let my beliefs go askew,
    And here on this Earth I feel trapped; I know there's more that pierces the sky,
    I need a rocket ship to escape not just some wings to simply fly,

    That escape is destroyed and this universe has imploded,
    I'm the center of these fiery breaths and guns unloaded,
    Preserving my taste for something different I try and stay frozen,
    I used to believe in a God but the God right for me cannot be chosen.