• My mind works like a machine
    Turn on, turn off, work hard, slow down
    The easiest thing to do
    is to not look like a clown

    But when I see you,
    my heart skips a beat.
    I don’t know what to do,
    I just try to be neat

    I try to do that because
    you make me feel so scrambled.
    My head spins, my legs weaken
    I don’t know how to act, so I just ramble

    But that was before I saw the real you
    The you that frightens me.
    It’s the part that makes me think
    you’re stuck in your head, unable to be free

    I want to help you, but you won’t let me
    Now that we’re apart,
    you won’t even look at me
    and it breaks my heart.

    You think I hurt you for fun,
    for laughs, but that’s far from true.
    I know you hate me, but I don’t hate you

    You’re too cowardly to look me in the eyes.

    If you told me to my face
    that you knew I lied to you,
    I would tell you the truth,
    “You don’t know that. But I’ll say this to you:

    I thought you would yell,
    I thought you would scream,
    But all you did was make things up.
    You gave me power, so now I’m a bright white beam”

    Just say it to my face

    I’m begging you